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Choosing the Right Style of Toilet for Your Bathroom

While you may not have spent much time thinking about the style of toilet you’d like for your bathroom, it can make a real difference to the space. From close coupled and wall hung, to low level and high level, there are many different toilet types to consider.    So, if you’re planning a bathroom renovation […]

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Alan Heath - How to Have a More Efficient Shower - September 1-2

How to Have a More Efficient Shower

  Who doesn’t love a long shower to wake you up and get yourself motivated for the day ahead? There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself at the start of your day. But, how often do you find your moments are stretching into minutes? The longer you spend in the shower, the less […]

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Alan Heath - Is Having a Bath Good for Your Mental Health

Is Having A Bath Good For Your Mental Health?

In the past, mental health was a more taboo topic of conversation. Many of us were too proud or frightened to discuss how we really feel, or ask if there was anything that could be done to help. Nowadays, things are different, and we feel that more open dialogue is better. Just like any serious […]

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Alan Heath - What Should I Look for in a Bathroom Renovation

What Should I Look for in a Bathroom Renovation?

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Exciting times! You’ll probably be wondering what it is exactly that you need to think about and focus on and what it is that makes a fabulous new bathroom that fits in perfectly with your home. Presumably you want a bathroom that far exceeds what you have now. Great. Here’s […]

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS Why-You-Should-Avoid-Cheap-Bathroom-Furniture-and-Suites

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Cheap Bathroom Furniture and Suites

As with any industry or niche, there are a multitude of options and choices in the bathroom world. There are more basin choices than you could think of, options for your bathroom cabinet that you probably haven’t seen, and then there’s the tiles, flooring, and colours to choose. The right choices are essential if you’re […]

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The New Vitra Bathroom Range for 2019/2020

At Alan Heath and Sons, we’ve been proud recommended suppliers of Vitra’s bathroom range for many years. They’re constantly a very popular bathroom product in our showroom. They’ve recently released three new brochures to separate the three main styles of bathroom design, and we wanted to share some of the updated information with you. The […]

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