Bath Out, Shower In? What’s the Best Option for Your Modern Bathroom? 

In the quest for a more functional and modern bathroom, the debate between keeping a traditional bath or opting for a sleek shower is a common one. The trend of transitioning from a bath to a shower—or at least incorporating a showering area—is gaining momentum among homeowners thanks to the array of benefits that come with showers.  

In this blog, we weigh the pros and cons of both options to help you make an informed choice for your modern bathroom upgrade

Are showers the better option for modern bathrooms? 

With the fast-paced and actioned packed lifestyles of today, showers offer undeniable advantages in terms of convenience and efficiency. Modern showers come in plenty of different designs, from spacious walk-ins that just scream luxury to compact options that are perfect for smaller spaces, there really is something for everyone. 

Here’s why many people opt for showers in their modern bathroom: 

Space saving 

Unlike baths, which let’s face it are a bit bulkier, showers present a great opportunity to maximise on available space. Whilst walk-in showers won’t technically save floor space, if you opt for a more traditional shower cubicle, they occupy less floor area compared to bulky baths, making them an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or when space optimisation is key. 

Accessibility and safety 

Showers, especially walk-in designs, offer accessibility benefits, catering to individuals with mobility issues or older adults. The absence of high bath edges reduces the risk of slips and falls, and they’re easier to customise with grab bars and seating, making showers a safer option. 

Water efficiency 

Sustainability efforts have never been more vital, and showers hold a clear advantage over baths in this department as they generally consume less water than filling up a bath. You can even decide to include technologies like low-flow showerheads that further enhance water efficiency without compromising on the showering experience. 


As much as we’d all love the time to soak in a bubble bath, it’s just not practical for day-to-day life! For the busy bees among us, showers are a time-saving blessing. A quick shower easily fits into hectic schedules, providing a brisk start to the day or an easy addition to your bedtime routine. 

No compromise on luxury 

Gone are the days when showers were a downgrade from a luxurious bath! Now walk-in showers or wet rooms are often the star of the show, adding elegance to your space. With plenty of different design options available from natural stone floors to striking tiles, you don’t have to compromise on style or your personal aesthetic either. 

Are baths the better option for modern bathrooms? 

Despite the rising popularity of showers, bathtubs still hold their allure, especially for those seeking extra relaxation in their bathrooms. Let’s explore why bathtubs continue to hold their own in modern bathroom design: 

Relaxation and wellness 

For years a long soak in a bath has been pretty much synonymous with relaxation! It offers a serene escape, allowing individuals to unwind, de-stress, and indulge in some well-deserved “me-time.” Soaking in a bath can soothe muscles, reduce stress, and even help to promote better sleep; especially with a dash of calming essential oils like lavender added to the water. 

Aesthetic appeal 

Whilst walk-in showers are head turners, baths often serve as a focal point in bathroom design. From classic clawfoot tubs to modern freestanding models, they are perfect for enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space. 


For households with young children or pets, baths are a practical choice. Bath time becomes a fun and interactive experience, making it easier to bathe kids or furry companions…though both are as equally likely to get your bathroom floor soaked! 

Making the choice between a bath and a shower 

Ultimately, the choice between a bath or a shower for your modern bathroom hinges on various factors—space availability, lifestyle, preferences, and practical considerations. Assessing your needs and priorities beforehand is key in making an informed decision. 

Consider the following questions: 

  • How much space do you have available? 
  • What are your lifestyle and daily routines? 
  • Do you prioritise relaxation and wellness or convenience and efficiency? 
  • What aesthetic do you prefer? 

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all answ

Still can’t decide between a bath or a shower? 

If you really can’t decide and if space allows, why not have both? Combining a bath with an overhead shower in a modern bathroom has become a popular and practical approach, providing the perfect compromise for those who are tearing their hair out trying to make a choice. 

Contact us today for tailored advice on whether a bath or shower is the best option for your home! Our experienced team has years of knowledge, and we can even show you CAD designs to give you an idea of what your modern bathroom will look like before we fit it.