Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Detailed hereunder is a copy of our terms and conditions that are current at the time of this web site construction. However they are subject to change and any changes would appear in the terms and conditions contained in the contract that you would be asked to sign when placing an order.

To ensure that you have all of the details before you make a decision, I have detailed hereunder our conditions of sale that would be included in a contract that you would be asked to sign should you decide to proceed.

Any drawings offered at any time, with or in conjunction with this quotation are done so, as an interpretation of the finished article, but should not be taken as an exact rendition.

All prices quoted will remain firm for a period of thirty days from the date of this quotation, with the exception of the Vat content which is included at the current rate of 17.5% but should this alter, our price would include Vat at the current rate in force at the time of invoicing.

As a member of IBSA (Independent Bathroom Specialist Association) we offer their consumer guarantee (On all installations over £3500). A leaflet explaining all of the details is enclosed with this quotation. PLEASE READ IT VERY CAREFULLY, IT INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING

Your deposit and interim payment carry an insurance backed guarantee

All materials will be guaranteed for a minimum period of 12 months from the date of completion, or longer, depending on the guarantee offered by the individual manufacturer.

All labour will be guaranteed for a period of 6 years from the date of completion and covered by THE IBSA Consumer Guarantee, PROVIDING ALWAYS THAT YOUR PAYMENT IS STRICTLY IN LINE WITH OUR PAYMENT TERMS THAT ARE DETAILED HEREUNDER.

Payment is required by way of a 25% deposit to be paid with order, followed by a further 50% on day two after your renovation has been started and all of the materials are on site. However we are so confident that you will be satisfied with the end result that the final 25% payment is not required until four working days from the date of completion, giving you time to inspect your purchase thoroughly before final payment is made.


Start and completion dates are given in good faith and are on the assumption that the previous renovation will be completed on time. However there are occasions when this is impossible due to circumstances beyond our control and in which case you would be contacted beforehand if a date cannot be adhered to.

Please note that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the cold water mains supply to the house can be isolated as any extra work involved in replacing an internal stop tap would be a chargeable item as would waiting time if the external stop tap needed replacing and it has been known for the Water Board to take a number of days to respond to an external problem.

Please note that during a renovation we will lay dustsheets in an effort to protect your property. However, for safety reasons it is important that you observe extreme caution when walking over these sheets as, although every care is taken when laying these sheets they are not and cannot be a fixture. Particular care should be taken when walking up or down stairs and it is strongly recommended that you should carry out this operation with both hands free. If at any time you feel unhappy with any or all of these sheets in situ, please ask the fitter to remove them. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by any accident attributed to dust sheets being laid.

Please ensure that all movable objects are removed from the room to be renovated and also from the other side of any walls forming part of the room to be renovated, as we cannot be held responsible for breakage to any article so positioned.

If this quotation covers the supply and installation of flush fitting ceiling mounted lights, it is important to note that the part of each light that is housed in the roof space MUST NOT BE COVERED with roof insulation or any other substance or article what so ever. This also applies to the transformers of low voltage lights, when both the actual light and transformer MUST have an airflow over them. Failure to comply with this request will render the guarantee of the light and or transformer null and void in the case of failure.

Please ensure that if you or a responsible person designated by you and capable of making a decision is NOT going to be on site throughout the duration of the renovation, the telephone number of such a person must be made available as we cannot be held responsible for any decision you do not agree with, if that decision had to be made in the absence of you or your nominee and you or your nominee were not available via the telephone.

It is important to note that most of the displays in our showroom are not connected to either the mains water or sewage and therefore they do not have connected to them any copper, waste or any other material that may need to be connected to the items you have ordered to make them functional and when seen in reality may prove to be offensive, remembering that almost all of the manufacturers literature DOES NOT show such items either. An example of this would be low-level toilets and freestanding baths. If in any doubt please contact the writer, as any re-routing of offending items after installation would become chargeable.

Although not a common occurrence, it has been know for customers to add extra’s to an order after the original order has been placed and in some isolated instances extras have been added during the same week that the job is started. In this situation every effort will be made to include any extra’s you may decide to add, during the period that was originally allocated. However because we are booking renovations many weeks in advance it may not always be possible, and in which case we would need to return at a later date to complete some or all of any additions you may add.

Tap designs have changed quite dramatically over the last few years and while investigating reports that “a tap is dripping”, we have found almost without exception that the cause is in fact water retention with in the tap body.

This situation can be increased if the tap is fitted with an aerator which is a small fitting inserted in the end of the tap to create a more aerated flow of water.

The bathroom materials will need to be delivered during the week prior to commencement of your renovation, we will therefore require a space cleared ready for your new bathroom equipment. Please also note that after delivery to your home, any of the goods delivered, need to be included on your household insurance against theft.

Thank you once again for your enquiry and I hope we have interpreted your requirements correctly, however should you need to discuss any or all of the points raised then please do not hesitate to contact me as deciding and purchasing a bathroom is a major decision and therefore please feel free to contact me as often as necessary to discuss any options that you may want to consider.

We have gone to great lengths to include every detail of your renovation in this contract in an attempt to ensure that you fully understand what we have included for within the price quoted. Therefore if you are happy with all of the contents of this Quotation / Order Form, please sign one copy where indicated and return it to this office with your deposit, keeping the second copy for your own records. However if there is any item within this contract that you are unhappy with please discuss it with the writer before you sign, as reference during or after the completion of your renovation, to a verbal conversation with any member of our staff, which is not covered in this contract, may result in you being unhappy with the outcome.