Getting a new bathroom is an exciting prospect and something you’ll do only a few times in your life.


3D planning and design for your new designer bathroom

At Getting a new bathroom is an exciting prospect and something you’ll do only a few times in your life, unless you move house a lot or you’re a property developer.

It’s worth getting it right and that’s why we take a deep and detailed look at your lifestyle, your home, and your individual needs before we undertake any work on your bathroom.

Full bathroom renovations are often the best way to go for a new bathroom, especially if the bathroom you currently have just isn’t working for you. This can be because of the storage, lighting, space, look and feel, change of family size, and more.

Your bathroom must suit you and your home and a good bathroom renovation will work towards achieving this.
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How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom?

This is really tough to answer and without coming across like a typical tradesperson, it depends. It really is a, “How long is a piece of string” question.

That said, you need to start by first understanding what affects the price of a bathroom renovation.
Assuming we’re doing everything with the bathroom renovation this can and nearly always does include:

• Full strip out
• Re-plastering
• New suite supplied and fitted
• Fully tiled walls and floor
• New shower/bath and screen supplied and fitted
• Lighting installed
• Extractor fan installed
• Heated towel rail
… and much much more. You’ll also need storage and in some cases changes to plumbing and even walls depending on the lengths you’re going to. This isn’t always needed, but that gives you an idea what goes into a bathroom renovation and that really is the tip of the iceberg as they say.

A new bathroom is a considered investment into your home and life. Cheaper bathrooms and products are rarely a good idea. We’ve laid out many of the reasons in this blog.

It really does pay to get the best you can get and nearly 40 years in this game have taught us that cutting corners to save money on a renovation rarely ends well. Inferior parts and lack of support from the cheaper bathroom product manufacturers leads to disagreements, stress, and heartache.
Paying good money upfront is a sound investment and the reason we never use the word ‘cheap’ in our bathroom showroom.

How much should you spend? It’s again a tough one to put a figure on, so we’d just advise you not to try to save £1’s here and there and to seek advice from experts on the brands and products you’re choosing.

Where do you start when renovating a bathroom?

The first place to start is to work out what’s wrong with your existing bathroom.

What would you like for your new bathroom?

Once you’ve told us this invaluable information, we can then discuss what you can and can’t do (based on your bathroom) and then what does and doesn’t work with your idea or plan. Be creative and open minded to what’s possible though.

We’ve created some wonderful bathrooms in our time and they often move on and develop from the original conversation and ideas.

How do we renovate your old bathroom?

We take out your old, dated bathroom and create your new designer bathroom from start to finish. A full bathroom renovation is just that and it can even mean moving the layout of your bathroom, removing and adding walls, and creating a bathroom that really works for you and your home.

The ‘after’ images above illustrate how you can create light and space in a once dark and dated bathroom. We love the look on our customers’ faces when they see the finished bathroom, and they’re as pleased as we are to have them on our website.

We change everything in your bathroom!

The installation of a new bathroom can be the most difficult part of any home renovation project. Trying to project manage between different tradesman and ensuring everything is fitted at the right time and by the right people is often a stressful job.

If you’re employing a builder to undertake all the work and fit your bathroom you can never be sure they know the products as well as we do. How will you know if they know the best way to install them… and in which order?
From conception to completion we provide expertise with four decades of knowledge and passion. We only use our own installers because we trust them to ensure a professional finish. Choosing us for the complete makeover guarantees that all the high-quality items you have purchased from us are installed correctly and with care.

With us, you can guarantee a high-quality service. All trades can be covered in-house by us. This includes plumbing, plastering, carpentry, tiling, or electrics – including the necessary certification. Should walls need moving, building or altering, it can all be taken care of by our team of experts.

Clean and tidy installation

We’re a clean team too! All rubbish from your renovation is removed and we leave your home the way we found it (apart from with a stunning new bathroom!).

We care about what happens to your rubbish, too. If we use skips we only use the companies who can recycle the recyclable waste, and we even recycle the cardboard from the newly-installed products. We’re fully licensed to dispose of the waste.

Talk to us now about your bathroom renovation plans…

If your bathroom is looking tired and in need of a drastic overhaul come and see us in our showroom or give us a call. We’ve been turning tired old bathrooms into luxury designer spaces for over 35 years and we’re certain we can help you too.

All of our work is fully covered by our FULL PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE should the unspeakable ever happen.

Need some inspiration? 

Download our FREE guide to planning a bathroom.
If you’d like to sit down in the showroom with one of our designers to discuss your requirements, please call to arrange an appointment.

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