We’ve been designing and installing bathrooms from this showroom since 1989. We know everything there is to know about bathrooms, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge and tips with you.

Where to start

If you’ve planned a new bathroom before, you’ll know how things can quickly become more costly than expected. It’s important to plan ahead, so before you start picking out your favourite cabinets, you should consider the layout.

When you’re not a plumber or an expert in designing and installing bathrooms, moving shower units or waste and water pipes can get tricky and expensive. But if you do need to move things around, or you’re starting from scratch, the Alan Heath & Sons team can help.

We’re experts in all aspects of bathroom planning, design and installation.

Get advice from the professionals
It’s always good idea to visit a local showroom for advice. For one, our knowledge is always free. And two, the team at Alan Heath & Sons has a combined experience of over a hundred years, so our helpful staff know what they’re doing.

We’ve designed every kind of bathroom you can imagine, we’ve used every trick in the book, and we’ve seen everything that can go wrong. That’s the sort of knowledge you can’t put a price on.

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Ventilation is important

The most important issue for any bathroom is ventilation. These days, extractor fans are mandatory, and must be fitted in all new builds. If left un-extracted, the steam and water from your bathroom will create moisture that will cling to the walls and surfaces of your bathroom.

Moisture creates damp
Damp produces mould
Mould can cause serious health issues.
Steam is the number one cause of damp, but removing it from the room using extractor fans and other ventilation methods will significantly reduce the chances of you having to deal with mould.

Alan Heath & Sons is home to all the ventilation products you need and can offer advice on how to make sure the dreaded mould doesn’t take hold in your bathroom.

Future-proof your bathroom

You should also consider how your needs might change in the years to come. Could your family grow, will you ever relocate, could you be selling to a different set of people with a different set of needs down the line?

Choosing modern products is a sure-fire way of making sure your bathroom can withstand the test of time. 

We stock high quality modern products from reputable brands.

Avoid budget products

Basin wastes, hinges, cisterns, taps, and many other bathroom products have moving parts. They’ll see a lot of use, so it’s important they last. You should always buy high quality products.

If you buy cheap, there’s a good chance you’ll have to buy twice. And when you discover that those budget products you bought are tough to find replacements for, you could find yourself in even more trouble. Choosing high quality products will help you maintain your bathroom and add years to its lifespan. Just remember the time taken to fit a cheap product or more expensive product is likely to be identical, it’s just the cost of the product that varies.

Visit our showroom and see what’s on offer before you make a commitment.

Get the light right

When it comes to bathrooms, lighting is really important – both natural and man-made. The decisions you make here will set the tone for the whole room, and there are lots of routes you could go down. Be sure to consider the tone and overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Does your bathroom get much natural light? Could you use any mood lighting? Would mirrored cabinets help more light get to those harder-to-reach corners of the room? Have a think.

Need a hand with lighting?

Think about storage

Bathrooms are often stocked full of bits and bobs – shampoo, shower gel, toiletries, and/or laundry – so it’s important to make sure you’re covered with ample storage.

Get in touch today to explore your smart storage options.

Plumbing isn’t permanent

There will probably be plumbing restrictions that may affect where wet items can go, but if the job was done right the first time, it’s often easier to move items than people think.

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or starting from scratch, Alan Heath & Sons provides a complete bathroom service and can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Safety first

Because water and bathrooms go hand in hand, you’re far more likely to have an accident here than anywhere else in the house.

From non-slip coverings to grab rails, seating, and accessible showering – if you have any safety concerns or require accessible bathroom products, the Alan Heath & Sons team area always happy to help. Our Full Public Liability Insurance covers all our work, so you’ll always have peace of mind.

Visit Alan Heath & Sons to discuss creating the perfect bathroom for your home.

Where to start…

If you’ve planned a new bathroom before, you’ll know how things can quickly become more costly than expected. It’s important to plan ahead, so before you start picking out your favourite cabinets, you should consider the layout.

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