Five More Modern Bathroom Ideas 

We put together our modern bathroom ideas for 2024 and you loved that so much, we’re back with some more ideas to transform your bathroom! From mixing materials to open showers, we’re excited to give you even more inspiration for elevating your space. 

1. Mix materials to create depth 

If you’re not into a minimalistic style and want to avoid your bathroom looking too sterile, why not opt for mixed materials in order to add life and character into your bathroom? Consider the smooth elegance of marble countertops paired with the cosy charm of wooden cabinets, or a fusion of matte and glossy tiles creating a play of light and texture. Embracing a mix of textures helps to create a relaxing ambiance that captivates the senses and makes relaxing and pampering yourself in your bathroom a true experience.  

2. Artistic tile layouts 

Long gone are the days when you had limited tiles options, now you can break away from traditional tile arrangements and venture into a world of unconventional patterns and layouts. Why not consider a herringbone, chevron, or even a bold geometric mosaic on a feature wall? Experimenting with various tile shapes, sizes, and colour combinations is guaranteed to give your bathroom a modern flare. 

3. Freestanding baths and walk-in showers 

Nothing quite says a modern bathroom like a luxurious freestanding bath or walk-in shower. Freestanding baths are a great focal point, and not only do they look fancy, but they also make you feel like you’re in a spa right at home. 

Similarly, open showers are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. The lack of confinement is not only great for making cleaning easier, but they also have accessibility benefits as well as giving your bathroom a seamless feel. Add a rainfall showerhead and you’ve set the tone for the ultimate shower experience! 

4. Integrated storage solutions 

Traditionally bathrooms aren’t known for their niffy storage solutions, but that all changes with modern bathrooms! To maximise floor space, opt for storage solutions that seamlessly blend into your walls. We’re talking shelves that are cleverly incorporated into the walls, eliminating bulky cabinets, and providing sleek, recessed shelving that seamlessly integrates into your bathroom. 

You can also consider concealed cabinets discreetly hidden behind mirrors. This lets you keep all of your bathroom essentials easily to hand but doesn’t mess with your chosen aesthetic. If you have decided to get a walk-in shower, you can also have a handy nook put in to store your shampoos and conditioners. 

5. Warm metal accents  

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to modernise your bathroom, adding subtle warm metal accents may be the way to go. These little accents work like magic, instantly giving your space that posh, cohesive and cosy vibe. 

Imagine sleek taps or showerheads in brushed brass, oozing sophistication while adding a hint of warmth to the room. You could also opt for copper or gold finishes on towel racks, cabinet handles, or even on mirrors to take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary in a snap. 

The beauty of these warm metal finishes is their versatility—they complement all sorts of colour palettes. Whether you’re going for a minimalist white scheme, a serene pastel palette, or even a daring dark theme, these metallic touches seamlessly blend in, adding that extra oomph without overwhelming the space. 

Bonus tip – add dimmer switches! 

We know, we talked about lighting in our previous modern bathroom blog, however, we’ve got a bonus tip to share; dimmer switches. These handy additions to your bathroom lighting set-up give you the ultimate control over the ambiance. Ever wanted to adjust the mood of your bathroom with just the flick of a switch? Dimmer switches make it happen! 

Enjoy serene baths and an evening of pampering in lowlight or give you illumination a boost to make applying your make-up or achieving a close shave nice and easy. The power is all at your fingertips.  

Need some extra help transforming your space into a modern bathroom? Contact us today. Backed by years of industry expertise, our friendly team is here to help you every step of the way!