How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take? 

There’s one room in your home you rely on more than any other, and that’s your bathroom. So, when your bathroom is out of use during renovations, time really is of the essence. 

Unlike a kitchen, where you can made do with a microwave and takeaways for a few weeks, temporary solutions to replace a bathroom are a bit more limited. Some homeowners may be lucky enough to have a second toilet or shower in their home, while others may need to move out completely. But there’s one question everyone wants an answer to; “How long will my bathroom renovation take?” 

Of course, there’s no straightforward answer to this but we can give you some idea depending on what it is you’re having done. At Alan Heath & Sons, we do the work ourselves. We design, renovate, fit, install and tile, and get all of the work done with our own teams. This means we can give you realistic timeframes at the start of your bathroom renovation. 

The stages of a bathroom renovation 

Whilst the stages of a bathroom renovation can vary from project to project, if you’re having a total bathroom makeover, the stages are generally as follows: 

Stripping out your old bathroom 

The journey begins with stripping out the old, to make way for the new. This stage involves removing every piece of the existing bathroom, managing alterations to pipework if needed, and ensuring a clean slate for the transformation. At Alan Heath, we estimate a day for this step, though factors such as structural changes may extend this period. 

Renovating your new bathroom walls 

With the old bathroom out of the way, it’s time to focus on the bathroom walls. Removing the old bath and tiles exposes bare bricks and damaged plaster, so our team ensures a smooth finish by bringing in skilled plasterers. Depending on the size of the room, plastering can take up to two days. Drying time also needs to be considered, but other tasks can be started/done in the interim to speed up your bathroom renovation. 

Fitting your bathroom suite in your renovation 

Next, we can move on to one of the most exciting bits; fitting your new bathroom suite. This includes arranging the bath, shower tray, basin, vanity unit and toilet, connecting plumbing, and solving any unforeseen issues that may have arisen since the start of the renovation. During this stage we also need to set up the pipework for the new items as we will then need to tile the walls and floor before they’re fitted. This phase generally takes three to four days depending on exactly what you’re having fitted.  

Tiling your new bathroom 

Whether you opt for elegant, trendy, or classic, the tiling stage can take around two days, with variations based on room size and complexities. Awkward shapes, corners, or intricate patterns may extend the timeline, but the end result is a stunning bathroom that is worth the wait. 

Final touches 

Before we leave, our team meticulously checks every aspect of the bathroom renovation, ensuring everything is in full working order. This phase typically requires two days, and once completed, your beautiful renovated bathroom is ready for use! 

Factors that influence the timeline of a bathroom renovation 

Size of the room 

While the size of the room does impact certain aspects like tiling and decoration, the overall timeline is relatively consistent for average-sized bathrooms. Smaller bathrooms may be completed a bit faster, but efficient planning minimises the impact of room size on the renovation duration. Of course, larger bathrooms will take longer too. 

Capability of the company 

The expertise and organisation of the renovation company obviously plays a big role in in ensuring that timelines are met. With this in mind, it’s important to pick a company with a proven track record – like us! We have years of experience with bathroom renovations, and there’s a reason we’ve been here for over 35 years. 

You get what you pay for 

Opting for budget-friendly options may speed up the renovation, but it often comes at the cost of quality and craftsmanship. Cutting corners can lead to a quicker completion, but the risks associated with inferior workmanship may result in additional expenses (and lots of headaches) in the long run. Choosing a reputable company ensures a balance between quality and timely completion. They will also be able to advise you on selecting materials that best match your aesthetic and lifestyle needs. 

So, it’s “How long is a piece of string?” No, not really…. 

A standard bathroom renovation can take approximately two weeks, give or take a day and allowing for delays. We plan our bathrooms from start to finish and it’s rare that the supply chain, fitters, or the design team will slow up the renovation once it’s begun. 

Planning is everything and we pride ourselves on doing that rather well. Does it cost more? Possibly yes, to a certain extent it does – but we’ll finish on time, be there every day, clean everything up ready for you to use, and we’ll leave you with the best bathroom your money can buy. 

Ready to create your dream bathroom? Contact us today! Our experienced team has years of knowledge, and we can even show you CAD designs to give you an input into your bathroom design before we fit it.