Which type of bath is best for your bathroom?

At Alan Heath and Sons we love bathrooms (you may have noticed). We enjoy creating everything about them, right down to the intricate details. There are many parts that make up a minimal, bespoke or designer bathroom and we blogged recently about basins and the part they play.

Here’s our guide and review on a few of the many types of baths that you have available to choose from for your new bathroom.

Normal single-ended baths

Let’s start with the obvious. Normal single-ended baths are what you’d expect to see in most bathrooms. By single-ended we simply mean that the taps are at one end of the bath.

Single-ended baths come in all shapes and of course sizes and are the more traditional style and choice. A classic single-ended bath would be rectangular in shape and around 5’ 7” or 1700mm in length. Numerous other lengths are available, including 1500mm, 1600mm, 1800, 1900mm, and 2000mm.

Double-ended Baths

Double-ended baths don’t have the taps at either end, giving you two ends to sit in. Double-ended baths are great for sharing and popular with romantic hotels or bedrooms.

By having the taps in the middle of the bath you’re free to leave the argument about ‘who gets the taps’ to other people and just enjoy your relaxing bath together.

You can sometimes lose a little length in the base of the bath as both ends slope into the bath However it is possible to select a longer bath, which then gives you back the space you may have lost through having two slopes.


Corner baths

Corner baths are much larger in size than a single or double-ended bath but you don’t really gain anything in the length. A corner bath, as you would expect, is positioned in the corner of your bathroom and some have a seat in the very corner too.

Corner baths were very popular about 15 years ago but since then have fallen out of favour. They do take up a lot of space and in today’s minimalist world they don’t use space intelligently.

Of course, if you have the space then why not use it?

Shower-shaped baths

Shower-shaped baths or shower baths can be curved or square shaped baths. The idea of a shower bath is to give a larger end near the taps to give you a larger area to shower in.

These baths tend to be moulded where the screen sits so that the bath screens only open into the bath and not out. This means that water won’t fall outside of your bath under the seal, which can be a common problem with bath screens.

Shower baths are a popular option for smaller bathrooms or homes that can’t accommodate a bath and a shower.


Roll top baths

Roll top baths are elegant and very luxurious to look at. These very Victorian-looking baths are often used as the centrepiece to a period bathroom. It is becoming a more popular option now, with the modern styles of freestanding baths in modern rooms as well. If you have the space and the right style of room, a roll top bath can be a really stunning addition.

Because of their design though, roll top baths aren’t for everyone or every bathroom. They’re most suited to large spaces and because of their elegant flowing lines they don’t work too well with showers – and you can’t seal them against a wall either.


Slipper baths

These are very much like a roll top bath but with a wider shoulder at the top. They’re more suited to the larger gentry in their Victorian bathroom!


Whirlpool, Spa, System, or Hydrotherapy baths

There are numerous types of these bath available, all offering similar benefits and results. You could have water jets coming from the side, or air systems coming from the bottom of the bath.

The popular whirlpool baths have lots of little water jets built into the inside sides of the bath to give you a very luxurious option to your bathroom. We recently blogged about the benefits of whirlpool baths can give you  but the main ones are:

  • Preventing muscle tension
  • Improving blood flow
  • Relaxing your mind
  • Healthier skin.

A whirlpool bath will need maintenance and cleaning and are obviously more expensive to buy and run, but the health and lifestyle benefits far outweigh those minor issues in our opinion!

Designer bathrooms to suit all

We have so many ideas and option for your bathroom as there are so many choices and styles to choose from. Above all you need to find a bath that fits you, your bathroom, your style and your lifestyle.

We can help you find the perfect centrepiece or multi-functional bath for your new bathroom – just give us a call on 024 7669 1469 or visit our Coventry showroom and speak to a friendly expert.