Basins – don’t sink your new look bathroom with bad choices

Bathrooms basin and bathsThere are many key focal points and features to consider when you plan your new bathroom; the lighting, the bath or shower and obviously the colour scheme and tiles. One element that’s often overlooked is the basin.

The basin is also a key part of your bathroom that needs to be right. You’ll be looking into it every morning for many years to come, so you’d better make the right choice!

There are many things to consider when choosing the right basin for you and they often come down to your space, budget, plumbing and style. Usability should feature highly too. There’s nothing worse than a basin that looks great but isn’t the right shape to shave in, or a basin that matches the style but takes up so much room it interferes with the flow of your bathroom.

At Alan Heath and Sons we know a thing or two about basins, so here’s our quick guide and some advice on what to think about when you choose your new bathroom suite.



Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basins are the classic favourite. The pedestal basin is a common sight in many traditional bathrooms and its elegant look is still a hit with many new bathrooms too. The pedestal is great for hiding unsightly pipes and plumbing, as well as making more of a feature of your basin.

A downside of the traditional pedestal basin is that they don’t incorporate storage like other designs do, so you’re better of choosing a different style if you have a small bathroom and need to be clever with your space.

Advantage: They hide your unsightly plumbing and make a feature of your basin.

Disadvantage: They’re more suited to larger bathrooms as they can take up valuable space without adding any storage.


Wall Hung Basins

Also known as half pedestals, wall hung basins are a dream for the minimalists out there. The wall-hung basin gives you the illusion of space. By allowing your eyes to see the floor you feel like you have more space in your bathroom. These are a popular option in modern and small bathrooms.
That said, a wall-hung basin will require extra work on your plumbing. Those pipes won’t be hidden by a pedestal so you will need to factor in extra time on your install.
Advantage: Clever bathroom feng shui! Give your bathroom the illusion of space by allowing more of the floor to be seen.

Disadvantage: Slightly more costly due to extra plumbing work and re-working of existing pipes.


Inset or Vanity Basins

Having your basin sit within your worktop or bought as a complete unit as a vanity basin you get the best of both worlds; a storage, washing and preparation area in one. It’s like everything you have in your kitchen – but for you!

Inset basins give a real luxury feel to your bathroom as they look like a washroom from a hotel or stately home. Having your basin and worktop combined makes your bathrooms feel integrated as well as giving you a feeling of convenience in your morning or evening routine as everything is so close to hand.

Advantage: Inset basins give a complete and luxury feel to your bathroom whilst also using the basin area for storage and good surface space.

Disadvantage: Space may be an issue with a counter and of course you won’t benefit from that floor space under your basin, so this may be a larger bathroom option only.


Counter Top Basins

The elegant and stylish option, a counter top basin gives you that hotel look with the basin and worktop all as one, but making your basin a focal point. No more shelves or items balanced on the small area next to your taps – surround your sink with all your must-have toiletries and luxuries.

With a counter top basin you can obviously hide your plumbing under the counter too as you have the added bonus of storage below your sink. You will need a larger bathroom to accommodate a counter top basin in most cases but that’s not to say that you couldn’t have a small, space-saving version too.

Advantage: You’ll have more space around your basin to display and use your toiletries, making getting ready a much easier and more pleasurable task.

Disadvantage: They can take up more space and will be a more expensive option over the traditional pedestal.


Corner Basins

These can be ideal for smaller bathrooms, en-suites, or cloakrooms. The corner basin does exactly what it says in the tin! If you only have a limited space in your bathroom the placing your basin in the corner is one great way of working things. More suited to small en-suites than main bathrooms, the corner sink is generally for hand washing only and not always large enough to accommodate a family bathroom’s usage.

Advantage: Great for smaller bathrooms or en-suites as it saves space and makes use of ‘dead’ corners.

Disadvantage: Not always a good basin for anything other than hand washing as they tend to be smaller than a standard basin. This option is best suited for guest bathrooms or en-suites.


Whatever your decision or requirements there will be the right and wrong choice of basin for you. Always consider how you use your basin or how you’d like to, and then incorporate that into your space and design.

Luckily you’re very spoilt for choice on the basin market and we’re always happy to help you make the right choice for you.

Alan Heath and Sons are a family-run business with years of experience creating bathrooms and shower rooms, and we understand how people’s requirements can impact your final decisions on your bathroom. That’s why we spend time getting to know you, your family and your needs, to ensure your new bathroom is up to the job.

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