Alan Heath and Sons join The Guild of Master Craftsmen

Guild-logoWe’ve all been there. Choosing tradesmen to do a job around the house or in your business. Who do you choose? Who will be the most reliable and the most professional? How do you know who will be right for you?

One sure-fire way to find a good tradesman has always been word of mouth. A recommendation from someone that you trust has always been then best way to find a good builder, plumber or electrician.

But if you’re looking for a tradesman in a trade that none of your trusted circle have used yet, where do you go?

This is where the Master Guild of Tradesmen comes in. The Guild sets out the highest standards in trades from builders to engineers, plumbers, plasterers and even interior designers. It’s a one-stop-shop for quality tradesmen and the word of mouth from a certification board who care about standards.

The Guild is a sign of quality. Those who are accepted go through a tough vetting and checking process. You can be safe in the knowledge that poor workmen or cowboys won’t make it through the process.

The Guild trademark is a sign that the tradesmen have a certain quality about them; a sign that they want to be part of a group of the best – the elite in trades. It’s like Top Gun for builders!

Seriously though, with the Guild of Master Craftsmen you get the peace of mind that not only are you choosing a builder, plumber or electrician with high quality work but that you’ll also get tradesmen who care about the aftersales service too.

Anyone in the Guild will also have guidelines to follow in the event of a problem after the work’s completed.

This is often the area that most people fear. The work is done. The invoice is paid. And then something goes wrong.

With the Guild though, you can be assured that there’s a process and help at hand… not that this happens as often with people in the Guild of Master Craftsmen of course – they’re far better than the norm!

What the Guild of Master Craftsmen offers you:

  • A group of highly skilled people
  • Awareness of high quality workmanship
  • A clear indication of a quality tradesmen
  • Protection from inferior quality and poor workmanship
  • People with a passion for quality trades and their continuation.

The Master Guild exists for both customers and tradesmen and aims to give you, the customer, the best quality and guarantee possible.

At Alan Heath and Sons we’re proud to now be a part of this group of master craftsmen. We’ve always been highly recommended through word of mouth and being a family business this is important to us.


We’ve always offered great aftersales care, and our 6 year labour warranty against faulty workmanship is always a great selling point to our customers. In fact, we’ve been offering everything in our service that the Guild requires in their circle for years.

Now it’s official – we’re Master Craftsmen

You’ve always been able to buy with confidence with us but we were aware that without a good recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague that you might not have been 100% certain.

Now that Alan Heath and Sons are part of the Guild you can be assured (by someone other than our team) that we’re a great choice as your bathroom designers and installers.

You can now find us on the Guild of Master Tradesmen website.


If you’ve used us before you can also leave a review of our service to give your word of mouth recommendation to our next customers!