Staying Put is the New Moving On – How to Increase the Value in Your Home

There are many home improvements you could carry out to increase the value in your property. From extensions to a new kitchen or a loft conversion, you have a choice of improvements that will depend on your needs and your plans for the future. It’s considered a good idea to increase your ‘curb appeal’ if you’re looking to sell up and move on.

But according to a recent report by Hiscox, the number of home owners who are choosing to improve their home rather than moving on has increased by 12%. With housing prices rising and markets unsettled by outside forces like Brexit and the cost of borrowing, home owners are improving their current nest rather than fleeing it.

According to Hiscox, this 12% over the past five years equates to more than 4 million UK households!

So, what are they doing to improve their home and what are the average value increases on the whole?

  • Kitchen renovation – £12,442 added value.
  • Adding an extension to the loft or kitchen – £23,754 added value.
  • A new bathroom – £12,895 added value.
  • New bedroom – £25,338 added value.

“Homeowners making the decision to stay put and add, improve and renovate their homes instead of moving, is becoming the new trend for those looking to adapt their property to meet their ever-changing needs and evolving lifestyles.”

  • Robby Du Toit. MD Sellfast UK.


Looking to improve your current home? Why not consider the room you use first and last thing and during the day?

Your bathroom can be a place of serenity as well as the fuel that sets you on your way in the morning.

It’s the place you go for some peace, the room you relax in after a long day, and the setting for a good night out with friends or family.

We think that’s worth investing in.


Some bathroom improvement ideas for those staying put…

Shower not a bath?

If you’re looking to sell your home then you’re advised not to remove the bath in any pre-sale renovations. It’s often been said that a bathroom with a bath is more desirable than a bathroom without.

If you’re not planning to sell for years then think about your own needs. How do you use the bathroom? Would a new shower, a standalone space to shower, be more suited to you? Removing the bath and replacing it with a shower will give you more space and opens up the opportunity to reshuffle your bathroom layout.


Better storage.

The right amount of bathroom storage can transform a bathroom, so even if you’re not looking to have a full renovation carried out, some more intelligent storage could well make your bathroom feel like new again.

Hiding away all the everyday items and storing the spare towels and products in a safe, but convenient way can make a huge difference.


Improve the lighting.

Lighting in your bathroom, just like the storage, can make it feel more clean, fresh, and new. Dull lighting or simply not enough of it can make a bathroom feel dated and out of date. Bright LED lights will not only help you see better, you’ll have an instantly fresher bathroom.


Add some colour.

You don’t have to go crazy and rip out the bath, re-tile, or reshuffle when you have colour to play with. Changing the colour of a feature wall, buying matching, contrasting towels and bathmats with a complimentary flower display will add a much-needed and new splash of colour to your existing bathroom.

Don’t believe us? Just try changing the towels and you’ll see how much they’re become part of the design. Much of what makes your bathroom look and feel that way it does are the extra things you put in it!


Add some 2019 design and tech to your bathroom. 

From wireless speakers to mood-changing lights and even matt black towel rails, there’s so much you could do with your bathroom design to spruce it up.

We’ve shared loads of ideas on the blog before so try these ideas out for size:

It doesn’t always have to mean a full bathroom renovation… but when it does…

… call us, maybe?

We’d love to help you stay happy in your current home. Become part of the crowd who are improving what they have already and get many more years of fun and enjoyment out of their home without the hassle of moving.


Need help and advice?

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