The Most Important Bathroom Storage

Good bathroom storage will do so much for your bathroom. Storage might seem like a fairly innocuous area of your bathroom design, but with poor storage comes a lot of issues you’ll wish you’d considered.

Many ‘showroom’ bathrooms are working examples with functioning taps, toilet, and cupboards, but they lack the inner workings of your bathroom. No, not the pipes and water – the everyday items you take into your bathroom.

Without good bathroom storage a beautiful bathroom can look cluttered and very messy, very quickly, and that’s a real shame… and also very avoidable.

There are some key places to consider for your bathroom storage and we thought you might like to know what they are.


Under the basin

The most popular storage area by far is under the basin. This area is ‘dead space’ and a real waste of space unless you use it for storage. Many people opt for a vanity unit under the basin to store their bathroom particulars and keep the visible space free from clutter.

If you have a huge bathroom where space is not an issue, then you may well want to look at the next options instead though. Some designs look better with a floating basin or designer pedestal to finish of the look.


Above the basin

The next most popular place is above the basin, assuming your basin is not under a window. This area can easily double up as mirror, too. By choosing a bathroom cabinet with mirrored doors, you’ll add storage and that important mirror for shaving, teeth brushing, and the morning glance you give yourself!

Cabinets that are positioned above the basin are usually double sided and if you have a double mirrored unit (mirror on the inside of the doors) you can open the doors and check the back of your head like in the barbers or hairdressers!

The most popular cabinets for this position have illumination and charging points for your toothbrush, with some even coming with a USB-charging port so you can charge your phone. You can get cabinets that de-mist so you can see what you’re doing when you shave or put on your makeup after having a shower or bath.


Tall bathroom cabinets

Although a tall cabinet will require some extra space space for it to go in, they’re recommended if you have the space. They also double up as a full-length mirror if you go for a mirrored door.

Tall cupboards are often around 1500 – 1700mm tall so can be used as a mirror to check yourself out in before you go out for the day or evening.

The benefit here (aside from having the full-length mirror) is that you can use the full (or nearly full) height of the bathroom. It’s quite common for space to be left empty rather than working harder and benefiting the bathroom. Using the height of the room is a great way to makes sure you’re using the space to its best.


Airing cupboards

The most bulky item in your bathroom is likely to be your towels. These large items need a place to dry (a heated towel rail is great for this). You also need somewhere to store the clean towels in waiting.

We’re often asked for large cupboards to store towels in but you’ll struggle to find a large enough cupboard for a bathroom due to manufacturers and what they have on offer. You could buy a suitable kitchen larder unit, but that won’t match your bathroom furniture.

We therefore find that we regularly build a bespoke cupboard for the individual bathroom. We’ll fit a conventional matching door to it and in reality what we’ve actually built is an airing cupboard.

The advantage to this is we can build it to whatever size is suitable for the bathroom and you don’t have to scour through all the bathroom cabinet brochures only to find they’re not big enough for the job or they don’t look right with your new bathroom.


Storage makes a bathroom work…

Great storage is key throughout your home and none more so than in the bathroom. It’s a busy place with a lot of activity. Between getting to work on time and rushing in for a quick shower between dog walks, bike rides, and parties – life can be unforgiving to a disorganised bathroom.

Good storage will make it easy to hide it all away and help you and your household have everything to hand without having to leave it out on display. Countless items of varying shapes, sizes, and colours will just make your bathroom look messy nearly all of the time.

Intelligent storage and planning can help you and your bathroom achieve clear surfaces and an elegant show home look.

Need more help? We always look at how you use your bathroom and design it around you and your main uses. Come and see us in our Coventry bathroom showroom and we’ll show you what a difference good design and planning can make.