En-suite Bathroom Ideas: Luxury in Your Bedroom

One of the greatest things about staying away is experiencing a nice hotel room.

Luxury bed linen, a coffee maker in the room and that flatscreen TV you always wanted at the foot of the bed. (Or is that just us?)

But also you get to try and experience the bath and showroom ideas and options. From wetrooms to showers big enough for a six-a-side football team, you really can find them all.

It gets you thinking though… maybe you need an en-suite at home?

With the increasing amount of people improving their home instead of moving home, the extensions and new bathrooms are coming in thick and fast.

But should you opt for an en-suite? What are the benefits and are they really worth the expense?


Firstly let’s deal with the cost of an en-suite bathroom

It’s a common misconception that a small en-suite (or bathroom) will be hugely cheaper than a main bathroom re-fit. The furniture and plumbing will still cost you about the same.

Yes, the tiles for wall and floor will be slightly less than you’ll need overall and the labour will have a small saving too but an en-suite isn’t going to be a massive reduction is price. The main cost for an en-suite and bathroom is fitting and replacing the furniture and plumbing and this will be the same for an en-suite.

Then you need to also consider that if you’re not updating an existing en-suite and creating a new one more expense. To create a new en-suite will require new water and waste supplies – and also new heating supply too. The electrics in your small room will need to be made suitable for your shower or bathroom too and we recommend using a certified electrician for any work like this that you carry out in your home.

It can be a bigger job than you first think. Nothing is impossible but each home is different and price will depend on the suite you choose, the tiles you like, etc.


How much space will you need for an en-suite bathroom?

If you’re planning to have an en-suite bathroom then you need to plan for the main furniture. A simple en-suite will need a toilet, sink and shower and also a towel rail, mirror and wall cabinet. Most en-suites go for the shower option as you won’t have the space for a bath and you’ll probably have one in your main bathroom anyway.

If you plan it well, you should be fine with a room no smaller than 1500 x 1500mm (1.5 metres) but to make the best use of it you should go slightly larger than this. 

The best plan is to have your furniture in the corners of the room and also to make your door open into the bedroom as this will give you more space in the en-suite.

Mirrors are a great visual aid with a small room. Add a good mirror or a wall cabinet with mirrored doors to give the room a feeling of space. Keep tiles to a good size (not too big or small) and choose a simple design avoiding messy (noisy) colours.

Choosing a wall-hung toilet might not save space as the wall behind it may need to be built out to acquire it, but the style can give you a feeling of space. A wall hung basin with storage below will also help to make to most of your space. Keep your cabinets tall and wall-hung too to maximise storage but also to maximise the floor space you can see.

When you select a shower choose a curved door over square door. Sharp edges can make your en-suite feel small whereas curves allow the eyes to flow around the space.


Lighting in an en-suite bathroom. 

Most en-suites don’t have the luxury of a window or good light so pay special attention to your lighting. LED spotlights give off a good light and are cheaper to run and last longer than halogen lights. LEDs do cost more to buy initially but are well worth the investment.

Tip: Once you have the wiring in place for the lighting, adding extra spotlights is fairly cheap so don’t scrimp on the amount of spotlights you go for.


Colours in your en-suite

Be careful to choose simple colours in your en-suite. Some colours like red, black or very bright colours can swamp your small room. It’s not accidental that en-suites are usually white or cream as light and bright colours will reflect light better and look cleaner and bigger too. A bright suite and matching tiles will give your room a really airy feel and help it to continue to look fresh and new.


Does an en-suite add value to your home?

An en-suite certainly can add value to your home (up to 5% in some cases) and also add more saleability too. An en-suite bathroom is an addition to your home that you’ll reap the benefits from while you live with it and if you ever come to sell your home too. A house with an en-suite is often more desirable than a house without.


En-suite bathrooms – a real winner in your home

Above all else an en-suite bathroom will give you a real luxury in your home.

You’ll never need to walk along the landing in your towel again. No queuing for the loo in the morning or disturbing your guests in the middle of the night when you need to pop for a tinkle! When you have guests over you’ll also have the privacy for both parties in the morning and if you have a large family the extra toilet and shower can be a God send!

If you have a large bedroom then creating a small en-suite within your room is also a great idea. Adding false walls, tiling and introducing plumbing from downstairs can sometimes be simpler than it sounds and you don’t need to worry about not having a small room next to your bedroom to turn into an en-suite. We recommend you tell your local council if you’re changing the use of the room though. It’s not expensive and keeps you on the right side of the law.


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