Jackoboard – waterproof shower boards and panels

Shower design is constantly changing. New and modern ways to fit and create them are constantly coming into our showroom. One great product for showers is the Jackoboard. The strikingly named shower board is the brainchild of Jackson Insulation and we wanted to tell you a little more about it.

It’s fair to say that showers come in all shapes and sizes. Shapes and sizes to fit your bath or shower room with styles to suit you and your home. One of the popular choices is to have the shower feel like part of your bathroom rather than a cubicle in the corner. By having your shower floor at the same level as your bath or shower room floor you can keep that flow and create a beautiful space.

Having to step into your shower is not only a trip hazard for the elderly or the less able-bodied but also a less clean and minimalist design. We’re constantly telling you on this blog about clean lines and de-cluttered bathrooms and the Jackoboard helps you to get and keep that look.

We have in the past fitted showers on raised platforms, which is a good option for some but the Jackoboard gives you a flush fit and a totally waterproof construction.

Some boards can soak up water and cause you problems. But the guys at Jackson have created a totally impenetrable material thanks to core made from extruded polystyrene foam, which has an outer layer made from a special plaster and fibre glass weave.

Because of their construction they can be completely submerged in water and will take on almost no water at all and even if they do they let a tiny amount of water they won’t degrade anyway – brilliant stuff!

The Jackoboard can be plastered and tiled over and gives you many options in construction. But in the bathroom they’re excelled with their shower cubicle floor, which also houses the waste pipes – clever stuff.


By taking all the pain out of hiding the pipework the Jackoboard is becoming a popular option.

Fitting is relatively simple although you are best to ask an expert. Here’s an excellent fitting video from Jackson that shows you how simple it is and what a great product it is too.



If you use a Jackoboard you’ll need to bury the board in the floor. As shown in the video this will be with a square cut out of your concrete floor. The waste pipe will need to be below floor level to make the whole look work too. You could, of course, raise all your floor if you’re having a major overhaul in your bath or shower room too – but it’s probably simpler to move the waste pipe a few inches down and make it below floor.

This may not be possible in all bath or shower rooms but it does give a great flexible offering for many. The best part is the kit that comes with the Jackobaord. It gives you a simple cut to fit board with waste pipes included and it’s all suitable for plastering and tiling over.

At Alan Heath and Sons we think Jackoboards are a great product, and they’re also very versatile. Ask us about how we can create a great shower space for you with Jackson insulation.