How to Clean Bathroom Tiles – Simple Tips and Advice

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles - Simple Tips and Advice

A new bathroom is the stuff of dreams, isn’t it? A shiny new bathroom with modern design and fittings is what we all want.

But not only that, a new bathroom is just so new looking! All that shine doesn’t last long though, and before you know it years have passed and your bathroom tiles are looking old and tired.

One area of your tiles that can look really tired is the grout. Made from water, sand, and cement, nothing screams old bathroom like dull and yellowed grout. Bathrooms are really susceptible to mould because you have warmth and moisture – perfect conditions!


All is not lost though. Here are a few ways to keep your bathroom tiles shiny. Here’s how to clean bathroom tiles make to life again! 

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles - Simple Tips and Advice

Just wiping your tiles down with cloth every now and then is not enough to clean your bathroom tiles, although regular cleaning is better than none. Most manufacturers will tell you to clean your tiles daily… but we know you’re busy people and life let that slip occasionally.

When you do clean your tiles you need to clean them with a proper cleaner and some elbow grease too. You don’t have to buy the top and expensive cleaners though. As good as they are, there’s a simple home mixture that you can use.


This safe, home remedy is great to clean your bathroom tiles

1) First of all, give the tiles a once-over with your normal bathroom cleaning product. If you’re cleaning the grout on your floor tiles, give it a good sweep and a mop over.

2) What you’ll need is baking soda and peroxide. Wear some rubber gloves to protect your skin and then mix it up into a thick paste. How much of each you use is up to you, depending on the thickness you want to work with.

3) Apply your paste to the grout with an old toothbrush (perfect for scrubbing) and let it sit for about half an hour. If your grout is really bad then dip your toothbrush’s head into some bleach first.

4) Scrub the grout with quite firm pressure, which should lift the stains and dirt out. Work slowly and methodically so you’ve covered the entire tiled area.

5) Once you’re done just rinse it all off with a sponge, or the showerhead if you’re cleaning in the shower or bath/shower. Use a cloth and spray cleaner to finish the job.


Another great home cleaning product is white vinegar and water

Apply the mixture to your tiles and grout in the same way and leave to soak in for about half an hour.

Then simply rinse off with a sponge or the showerhead and wipe clean.


Floor tiles are also at risk

One thing you must make sure you do is clean them regularly. Clean your floor tiles with a mop on a weekly basis and if you can, vacuum them on a daily basis. Keeping dirt from soaking into your tiles and grout should be a routine task if you want to keep them shiny and new.

A steam cleaner, on occasion, can give you great results too. Keeping on top of the mould and dirt will obviously make this job less frequent and also more effective when you do it.


Prevention not treatment?

Of course, you could try not letting the mould grow in the first place. Mould loves your bathroom or shower because it has all the ingredients it needs. If you have moisture and warmth then mould will follow. We’ve blogged about mould in bathrooms before but here are the key things to bear in mind.


  • Allow clean and fresh air in – open your windows and doors.
  • Cold winter days create condensation – get your heating right.
  • Keep steam in your bathroom to a minimum – avoid shutting your bathroom up all the time.
  • Use mould resistant grout and silicone – resist the mould in the first place!
  • Use a grout with anti-fungal and mildew resistant properties
  • Fit an extractor fan (recommended) – send the steam and moisture out of the bathroom.

We love the look of a brand new bathroom and we think it should stay for as long as possible.

Good luck cleaning your tiles and grout and try to remember that it’s all worth it for the shiny look at the end. And try to put in place preventions to save you doing all the cures!

If you need your bathroom updating and truly looking new then we’re always here to discuss bathrooms. From small to large, Alan Heath and Sons love bathrooms, so drop in to our Coventry bathroom showroom to see the bathroom options we have for you.