8 Amazing Bathroom Hacks That You’ll Want To Share With Everybody… Right Now!

8 Amazing Bathroom Hacks That You’ll Want To Share With Everybody… Right Now!

Having a gorgeous clean, functional and luxurious bathroom is what we do at Alan Heath and Sons. We re-build and re-design new designer bathrooms from the ground up. But we also like to maintain and keep existing bathrooms in tip-top condition too.

Keeping your bathroom clean and organised is key to its success and look, so here are our bathroom hacks to keep you and your bathroom in pole position.


8 Amazing Bathroom Hacks That You’ll Want To Share With Everybody… Right Now!


1. Shiny taps are simple to achieve

Over time your taps can be become dull and lifeless in looks. We don’t want that so here’s a simple tip to shine them up again.


Keeping your taps shiny


  • Dab some baby oil on cloth
  • Rub into your tap
  • Rub off and shine.


Now your tap will be as bright as the day it was installed (hopefully).


2. De-scum your bath

Old soap and bath salts can leave a mucky ring around the top of your bath. The best thing to do is clean it all off properly after your bath. But if you’ve been slack at cleaning you can easily remedy that scum.


How to de-scum your bath


  • Grab a grapefruit
  • Cut it in half
  • Sprinkle some salt on it
  • Now you can scrub your bathtub with it.


Grapefruit not only smells nice, but when mixed with salt it gives you a perfectly natural scrubbing sponge.


3. Clear the way to clean shower doors

A limescale-ridden shower door is not nice at all. You can buy cleaners and treatments or even select a shower glass that repels mould. But if you already have dull and white-tinted glass then here’s what to do:


How to keep your shower door glass clean


  • Take three or four tumble dryer sheets (the fragranced ones)
  • Wet them
  • Rub your door with one sheet at a time
  • (Rinse the sheets as you go)
  • Replace as the sheets get mucky
  • Three to four sheets should give you a lovely clear glass.


It’s best to keep this look by cleaning it regularly, but now you know how to get it back.


4. De-fog your mirror for a perfect reflection

A steamy bathroom means only one thing – misty mirrors! You’ve got no chance to see what you’re doing with your razor or make-up. But there’s hope! Here’s our misty removing tip:


Keep your bathroom mirror fog free


  • Grab a bar of soap (yes, soap)
  • Wet it slightly
  • Now rub it across your mirror (it will look messy)
  • Then rub the entire mirror off with a dry cloth
  • And hey presto – mist-free for the next shower.


Now you’ll be able to see what you’re doing when you’ve got out of the shower. You may have to re-apply this from time to time.


5. Un-clog your showerhead

This is a really simple but effective one. You know that old showerhead? It’s not really firing on all holes, is it? Well all you need is this next hack and it’ll be free-flowing and perfect once more.


Un-vlog your shower-head


  • Grab a plastic bag (food bag is best – needs to be waterproof)
  • Get some vinegar and pour it into the bag
  • Now, submerge your shower head into the bag
  • Seal it with some string, zip tie or elastic band
  • Leave for a few hours (overnight is best)
  • Boom – a fully clear shower head!


This is a great use of vinegar, which is a very versatile and natural cleaning product.

Note: Vinegar can corrode a gold so this tip is best not used on a gold plated showerhead.


6. Stop rusty rings from appearing on your sink

We’ve all done this. We’ve left our shaving foam or deodorant can on the sink or window sill and it’s left a rusty ring mark. It’s OK though, here’s a great way to remove them.


Stop rusty rings appearing on your sink


  • Get some nail varnish remover
  • Apply a small amount to a cloth or cotton wool pad
  • Gently rub the stain away.

As an extra bonus tip you could always store your metal bottomed containers upside down to avoid any future stains. Or coat them with a layer of clear nail varnish.


7. For stained toilets – use the real thing!

If you’ve never experienced the true power of Coca-Cola then you’re in for a revelation. We’re not sure this will encourage you to drink much more of it though, once you’ve seen what it does.


Ensuite toilet cleaning tips


  • Pour an entire 1litre bottle of Coke into your toilet pan
  • (Other cola brands are available.)
  • Leave for at least an hour
  • Let the acid to work its way into the stain
  • Flush, and viola!


Not many people know if it’s true, but there has been a rumour for many years that US State Police use Coca-Cola to clear up highways after road accidents. It’s strong stuff and certainly cleans up all manner of stains.


8. Loosen up your shower curtain rail

If you have a shower curtain then you’ll be familiar with the hoops getting stuck as you pull the curtain open or close it.

Simple solution, this one:


Stop your shower curtain rail sticking


  • Put some gentle grease (like silicone spray or baby oil) on the rail
  • Now you’ll have a well-lubricated curtain.


No more tugging and potentially damaging shower times!


So there you are, simple bathroom hacks you can do today


Do you have some more hacks to share?


We’d love to know about them in the comments.


Of course we can also fit you a brand new shiny bathroom too. So if your current bathroom is far beyond a clean up and needs more of an overhaul then give us a call or pop into our Warwickshire bathroom showroom.