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Archive | independant bathroom supplier

Alan Heath - What Should I Look for in a Bathroom Renovation

What Should I Look for in a Bathroom Renovation?

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Exciting times! You’ll probably be wondering what it is exactly that you need to think about and focus on and what it is that makes a fabulous new bathroom that fits in perfectly with your home. Presumably you want a bathroom that far exceeds what you have now. Great. Here’s […]

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS Why-You-Should-Avoid-Cheap-Bathroom-Furniture-and-Suites

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Cheap Bathroom Furniture and Suites

As with any industry or niche, there are a multitude of options and choices in the bathroom world. There are more basin choices than you could think of, options for your bathroom cabinet that you probably haven’t seen, and then there’s the tiles, flooring, and colours to choose. The right choices are essential if you’re […]

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Alan Heath - Why Buying From an Independent Coventry Bathroom Company Beats a Big Chain Store…

Why Buying From an Independent Coventry Bathroom Company Beats a Big Chain Store…

In June 2019, large bathroom retailer Bathstore went into administration. The huge chain which was founded in 1990 and has headquarters in Welwyn Garden City has 135 stores in the UK and going into administration put 531 jobs at risk.  Although since then, DIY giant Homebase have since come to the rescue of the brand, it didn’t […]

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Better Bathrooms in Administration. Are You Better Off With An Independent?

The UK is experiencing difficult times. With political and economic uncertainty, there have certainly been some challenges as big names either move from the UK as Dyson recently announced, or go into administration like Toys R Us and House of Fraser. Not all of these changes can be blamed on Brexit, economies, or political leaders. […]

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Why Should You Choose an Independent Bathroom Company?

When it comes to bathroom designers and fitters you really are spoilt for choice. With big brands and one-man-bands and then everything in between, you can pretty much guarantee finding a bathroom and someone to suit you. But why should you choose a smaller company over a large national corporate? Surely you have more quality […]

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