What Should I Look for in a Bathroom Renovation?

Small cloakroom Villeroy & Boch basin and vanity unit, wall hung direct flush wc.

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Exciting times! You’ll probably be wondering what it is exactly that you need to think about and focus on and what it is that makes a fabulous new bathroom that fits in perfectly with your home.

Presumably you want a bathroom that far exceeds what you have now. Great. Here’s a list of the key components of a successful bathroom renovation and some ideas of where to start.

What Should I Look for in a Bathroom Renovation?

Choose products from reputable brands

Please don’t be tempted to go down the budget route. Bathrooms get a lot of use and the products that you choose and fit will need to last the course! Basin wastes, hinges, cisterns, and taps all have moving parts that are going to get a lot of use and at unforgiving times from a busy 21st century house. Buy cheap, buy twice. And then you might find you can’t buy twice as the budget products are tough to find replacements for.


Get a guarantee or after sales support

Not every installation goes to plan 100% of the time. There will be faulty parts from time to time and there will be the odd area of a renovation that needs some attention after the plumbers and builder have left. Are you covered for this? Ask and ensure you are. Life is full of surprises.


Check the quality of your installer

Even the best product will struggle if fitted badly. We’ve seen some shockers in our time from fitters who really should try another career. What’s your installer like? How long have they been in business? Do they have recommendations or online reviews? What do others think of their work? You’d do well to find out.

If you get quotations from the individual trades are you simply asking for a plasterer to plaster, a tiler to tile, plumber to plumb, an electrician to fit electrics? It’s a big project to undertake.

We firmly believe that a bathroom that’s been designed (not just picked) will have a domino effect during the planning and installing, as when you do one job it will quite often lead into another.

Having been a design and fitter for decades we know what to plan for, when to fit it, and we foresee problems that an occasional project manager simply won’t.


Make good use of the space

When thinking about your bath ‘room’, what is it like? How well does it use the square meters? Could it do better? Does it feel cramped? Messy? Cluttered? Are you using the light and the storage as well as you could? How does the room feel when you’re in it? This will help you decide what your bathroom renovation needs to accomplish.


How do you use the bathroom currently?

Keep in mind how you use the room or how you would like to use it. Do you ever fill the basin? Or is it just for washing hands and brushing teeth. Do you use the bath? What about that pile of towels without a home? What doesn’t work? What does? Build yourself a list of must-haves and must-fixes.



Please don’t fill your new bathroom with furniture and forget that a bathroom is a working space and functional. You’ll need good storage as part of your new bathroom design. Don’t include too much and make the room feel crowded. Instead make sure you have enough storage to create a serene and organised bathroom.


Have a wish list

Dream big! What would you love to have? Start from here. Include the things you would like to have but don’t necessarily need, and also add in what you need and maybe don’t have. The above tips will really help you build this. It will really help focus you when you visit a bathroom showroom, too.


Let there be light… and there will be!

Bathroom lighting is really important – both natural and man-made. Make sure that you’ve spent some time and energy looking at your current lighting and what you’d like it to look like. Bathroom lighting has so many options and so many benefits to your life in your busy washroom.


Could you use any mood lighting? Does the room get much natural light? What about the mirrored cabinets? You have so many options now so go to town on this and build in what you need and want for your new bathroom.

Planning a bathroom renovation?

Give us a call. We’ve been planning, designing and fitting bathrooms for decades.

Pop into our bathroom showroom in Coventry and see what we have on display and speak to one of our expert about your ideas.

Bring the list above – it’s a great starting point!