Is Having A Bath Good For Your Mental Health?

Is Having a Bath Good for Your Mental Health

In the past, mental health was a more taboo topic of conversation. Many of us were too proud or frightened to discuss how we really feel, or ask if there was anything that could be done to help. Nowadays, things are different, and we feel that more open dialogue is better.

Just like any serious medical situation, if you’re not feeling yourself, the first thing you should do is talk to a professional. You’d go to a doctor for a nasty flu, so your mental health shouldn’t be any different. Aside from getting expert help, there are lots of things you can do for yourself to help keep your mental health in tip-top condition, and many of them are easier than you might expect. Our expertise lies in bathrooms, so here are some amazing reasons why having a bath is good for your mental health.  


A bath a day keeps the doctor away

A bath won’t fix all your problems, but it could be a major key to alleviating stress and improving your mental wellbeing. Both New Scientist and The Guardian reported on an interesting study from Japan, which concluded that bathing regularly could significantly improve the quality of your health, sleep, and mood.

The study found that consistent bathers scored better for “general health, mental health, and emotional and social functioning”. Regular bathers also reported considerably less “stress, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, and depression-dejection”. It might seem a little strange that something so common and readily available as a bath could have a significant impact on your mental health, but it’s true. That’s why it crops up as self-care advice so often.


Having a bath means more oxygen for your brain

Immersing your whole body in warm water will make you hotter, and this triggers a process known as “hyperthermic action”. Because your body needs to maintain a steady internal temperature, the brain will automatically start to regulate it for you. Your veins and arteries will expand (vasodilation), increasing blood flow and carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. A healthier brain is a better performing brain, and a better performing brain means improved mental health


Bathing helps your body clean itself

Bathing will also cause your body to increase the output of another process known as “chemical homeostasis”, which is when your brain regulates the various chemicals in your body. Regulating chemicals also means getting rid of anything your body doesn’t need, like carbon dioxide and other waste materials. Bathing will remove this unneeded waste from the body at a faster rate. A cleaner body is a happier body, and a happier body is a happier brain.


What type of bath is best for me?

The type of bath you get comes down to three things – your bathroom, your needs, and your taste. It really is down to the individual. Corner baths look beautiful, but they can use up quite a bit of space, while ergonomic baths hug the lines of your body for an extra-comfortable soak. You can even get baths with built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to some relaxing music while you bathe. From the environmentally conscious to all-out luxury, whatever you’re looking for, Alan Heath & Sons has what you need.

We stock an impressive range of baths from reputable brands, and provide a fully comprehensive design, supply, and installation service. But before you purchase your amazing new bath and embrace a new and improved you, we’d always recommend visiting our showroom. You can hop in and test our baths for yourself (without the nakedness) and friendly staff will be on hand to help you select the perfect bath for you.

Amazingly, we’ve not even scratched the surface on all the benefits of bathing, but we hope we’ve helped to tempt you to hop in the tub very soon.

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