Here’s Why You Need A Bathroom Designer (Not Just An Installer)

Here's Why You Need a Bathroom Designer (Not Just an Installer)

If you’ve never worked as a tradesperson, you’d be forgiven for not knowing the ins and outs of construction, design, fitting and more. Fortunately for you, Alan Heath & Sons have a combined experience of over a hundred years. Yes – that’s a long time! We know our stuff, and we’re more than happy to help you get the most out of your investment. When it comes to refurbishing your bathroom, here are five compelling reasons why you need a bathroom designer, not just an installer.


What can skilled labourers do?

In the modern world, there are millions of skills a person can learn and master. But even the most talented individual can’t be good at them all, and it’s no different for bathroom fitters. Now, we’re not saying your plumber wouldn’t do an excellent job in your new bathroom, but his or her knowledge would start to wear thin when it came to other areas of skilled labour.


Think of it like this. Professional footballers are high-level athletes, and if they tried their hand at another sport, they’d probably start off better than your average Joe. Sure, they’d carry some skills over, but would they be world class? Unlikely. When you’re building a new bathroom, jobs often overlap. And if you don’t have a multi-talented team on standby, you might find yourself in a pickle.


What does a design and installation company do?

Design and installation companies like Alan Heath & Sons come equipped with a complete service. Because our team is home to designers, plumbers, tilers, plasterers, electricians, and more, we can offer you a complete package. This means you won’t have to liaise with three, four, or even five individual tradesman throughout the build of your bathroom.


Not only can we build your dream bathroom from scratch, we can show you what it’ll look like before we even start. The in-house design team at Alan Heath & Sons uses state-of-the-art technology to create a realistic 3D model of your dream bathroom before we lay even a single tile. From renovation projects to from-scratch builds, Alan Heath & Sons can do it all.


Should I use a design and installation company or individual skilled labourers?

A design and installation company handles a project from start to finish, and there are clear benefits to having the same hands on the job throughout. For starters, the team at Alan Heath & Sons is always in the loop. Our plumber knows our designer. Our designer knows our electrician etc etc. We work in unison, collaboratively and smoothly.


Whereas individual labourers could be completing multiple jobs in that week alone, if a member of our team needs to come back and complete the next step of the job, there’s no risk of them being too busy and holding up your project. At Alan Heath & Sons, we’d always recommend using a design and installation company to handle your bathroom. That way, you’ll always know what to expect.


Let’s recap

There’s lots to think about there, so let’s recap. Why do you need a bathroom designer who offers the full service?


  • You’ll be able to see what your dream bathroom will look like
  • You’ll have the same team from start to finish – we’ll always be in the loop
  • Our multi-talented team will do a better job than your one plumber
  • We can complete the job faster because we’re dedicated to your project
  • You won’t have to book multiple services and liaise with them all on your own.


If you’ve ever played poker, as good as an ace is, it can’t beat a full house.


Your local plumber might be skilled, but they aren’t Alan Heath & Sons. They could get caught on another job and you end up waiting weeks without a functioning bathroom. If something goes wrong they could avoid picking up the phone and may not be able to resolve the issue. Yes, we’ve seen this happen!


A full-service team will always be more convenient for you, and it could save you time and money in the long run. Contact our friendly team and tell us about your bathroom plans today.