How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Bigger?

i-Line Fitted Bella White Gloss and Durham Oak Cameo

We’ve all dreamt of owning a large, beautiful bathroom, but we aren’t all blessed with the space to make it happen. Making the most of the space in your home can be a difficult task, and the bathroom is one of the most difficult to tackle under any roof.

Fortunately, Alan Heath & Sons are here to help. We’ve been building dream bathrooms since 1972, and we’ve learnt a thing or two about making your space look and feel larger. Whether it’s painting with a new palette or using smart storage, you can use all or some of these quick and clever tips to make your bathroom look larger than ever.


Less is more – cut the accessories

When it comes to decor, clutter is the enemy. Filling every available space will make the room feel tiny, and if you’re already working with a small bathroom, you don’t want to let it get too busy. Getting rid of the bits and bobs you’ve collected over the years can really give your bathroom the space it needs to breathe. Alternatively, you can hang accessories up on the wall to free up your precious floor space. Talk to us about how our team can make your bathroom bigger today.


Use larger tiles

We know what you’re thinking; “using larger tiles isn’t going to make the room bigger.” Well, you’re not wrong. But the human brain is a funny old thing, and we can use some smart psychology to trick ourselves into thinking the space we’re in is bigger than it is.

By using larger bathroom tiles, the longer lines between each tile will make our brain feel as if the room has grown. Larger tiles also mean fewer tiles, which makes our brain feel like there’s less clutter. If you need help getting those tiles down, our expert team provides a full bathroom renovation service.


Ditch the shower curtain

The last thing you need in your already small bathroom is another wall. So, if you’re using a shower curtain, ditch it as soon as you get the chance. Instead of blocking the whole room from view, get the most from the space you have by using a glass panel instead. These can be fixed or folded. Take a look at our shower products here.


Choose your colours wisely

At first, you might think colours won’t help much. But colours have played an important role in human psychology since we took our very first steps. Red for anger, blue for calm, green for nature – each colour tells us something, and you can use it to your advantage. Lighter colours can make a room feel more open, fresh and airy. We design and fit bathrooms in a huge variety of colours to suit your taste and home décor. Tell us about your plans today.


Leave room around fittings – use smart storage

You could use that chunky standing bathroom cabinet you’ve got. Or, we could get clever about it. If you install a floating vanity below your sink, you’ll reap two important benefits.

For one, the sink is already sticking out and making the room smaller, so we may as well be clever with the space we’re left with. Secondly, a floating vanity cabinet doesn’t touch the floor, meaning our eyes can see the wall behind. This gives the illusion of more space that a floor cabinet won’t provide. Visit our showroom and see how we can use smart storage to build your dream bathroom.  


Get a big mirror

Not only are mirrors useful, they’re great for making a room look larger than it is. If you’ve ever been in a ‘House of Mirrors’, you’ll know first-hand how they can be used to play tricks on your mind. A big mirror will make your bathroom feel more spacious.

If you’re unsure how to implement any of these ideas or would like some more suggestions, contact us today for a chat.