How to Make a Windowless Bathroom Feel Brighter



It’s increasingly common to find yourself with a bathroom that doesn’t have a window. In particular, it seems to be the standard layout choice for new flats. But there’s no need for a windowless bathroom to look dark and dull.

Here are a few techniques that you can use to create a warm and bright yet windowless bathroom.

Your choice of paint colours

This is an important decision to get right: dark colours, although dramatic and impactful, in a windowless room will make the space feel smaller, dreary, and uninviting. Clearly, the exact opposite of what you need to create a bright and airy space.

White and neutral tones will have the opposite effect and make the space feel bigger, brighter, and more airy. Combine this with lighter flooring options and the light will seem to bounce around the room as if you had some direct sunlight coming in. That said, avoid too much pure white – this can be too stark. Mix it up with soft neutral tones instead.

Also, something else to consider is the paint finish – try gloss. This will also help reflect light around the space adding to the feeling of brightness.  

Complementary accessories

Certain styles come in and out of fashion. While we’re writing this, matte black is a very popular option, which is understandable as it’s a bold statement. That said, it possibly isn’t the most helpful choice if you’re looking to brighten up your bathroom. Polished chrome is a far better option for taps etc. It’ll add some sparkle and, again, all importantly provide another surface on which light can reflect.

If you can, replace your shower curtain with a shower screen. A shower curtain creates a barrier that hiding some of the space that you do have. Whereas, a shower screen is more practical and will open up the room.

Using lighting to maximum effect

Artificial lighting can do wonders to mask the lack of natural light. There are many ways in which you can introduce lighting into your bathroom. For example, recessed downlights or spotlights especially in key locations such as over the bath/shower. Recessed lighting can also work well in bath panels, skirting boards or below shelves.

LED mirrors also work wonders for this: soft, ambient light and a reflective surface. This is particularly true for larger mirrors.

Helpful design choices

Think simple and sparing – keep the clutter to a minimum to create the illusion of space.

Play around with differing textures, light wood accessories, and some well-placed plants. If you’re not great with keeping plants alive, go fake. There are so many great options out there that you’ll be sure to find a good, easy maintenance plant to inject a touch of greenery and interest to your bathroom.

If you’ve like to see these ideas in person, visit our showroom in Coventry. While you’re there, we can also try planning any options to find what works best for your new bathroom design.