Getting The Most Out of a Small Bathroom Space

Getting a Builder to Fit Your Bathroom You Might Want to Wait

Getting a Builder to Fit Your Bathroom You Might Want to WaitIt’s the smallest room in the house – but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less stylish or comfortable than any other. Especially when it’s probably one you spend a lot of time in. So, when it comes to making the most of your small bathroom space, we’ve got plenty of great ideas to get it right.


Make more of the space you have

When it comes to using imaginative ways to make use of the space available, there’s no one better to help than a bathroom designer. In almost 50 years of designing and installing luxury bathrooms we’ve seen every shape room, sloping ceiling, and awkward corner you can think of. So, we’ll come up with a solution that really makes the most of your space for a bathroom that’s as practical as it is beautiful.


Hide away the clutter

You need a lot of storage in a bathroom. You’ll have shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, toothbrushes and moisturisers that you use every day, so they’ll need to be accessible.

Then there is the box with all the plasters, thermometers, and aspirins that needs to be out of reach of children. You probably have a few replacement bottles and boxes of toothpaste ready, and if you’re anything like us, a box of half-used sun cream and seasonal products. And don’t forget the bathroom cleaner, glass spray, and sponges.

That’s a lot of clutter that, when visible, makes your room look smaller and feel crowded. The more storage you have, the more you can hide it all away, leaving surfaces clear and your room feeling more luxurious.


Find more floor with the right storage

Any room will look more spacious when there is clearer and more visible floor space. Choosing the right kind of storage can make all the difference in how spacious your room feels.

Floating cupboards are a practical and on-trend way of getting storage in without taking up floor space. Mirrored cupboards can keep your daily toiletries on hand without taking up space between the taps, and an open shelf can often fit in places a cupboard might not go – perfect for some light wood or basketweave boxes, adding a spa-like feel to your bathroom.


Brighten your bathroom with the right décor

The way you decorate your bathroom will also help create an airy, fresh feel to the room. Bright, light-reflecting colours can help make a room feel larger, as can bigger tiles. The fewer grout lines there are, the larger a room will feel.

The important thing for a spacious bathroom is lighting. Bright white bulbs and plenty of reflective surfaces such as mirrors will help open a room up, whereas lower powered bulbs make a room feel smaller and cosier.

The first thing to do is consider the feel of the bathroom you want. Spacious and luxurious or open and spa-like. Then make an appointment with our design team, and we’ll be able to guide you towards the right furniture and storage that will suit your space and create the atmosphere you want. Pop into our Coventry showroom today for inspiration.