Why Should You Hire A Professional Bathroom Fitter Instead Of Using Your Builder?

Many of our customers have this dilemma, so we wanted to share our take on it to enable you to make an informed decision.


When our clients are having a lot of work done on their property the builder often offers to ‘fit’ the new bathroom furniture and obviously they have a plumber… So why not just buy the goods and let the builder who’s already on site do the work?


Why Should You Hire A Professional Bathroom Fitter Instead Of Using Your Builder?


Why bother hiring a professional bathroom fitter?

“Designing and installing our bathroom was nothing short of conducting an orchestra!

How you got all the trades and work done on time together was exactly like a good conductor.

If any of the musicians play at the wrong time the final outcome would be awful.”


We loved this analogy of our work after a recent renovation and when you think about it our customer was right. Her renovation really did need to run like clockwork and have all the parts and elements singing in tune and on time for the work to be completed, and to a high standard.


When we started this project we carefully decided on the planning and the materials and the suite, but we also looked at how the bathroom would be used in daily life, and why she wanted it to be renovated in the first place.


This allowed us to create a ‘better’ bathroom but also ask her the right questions to give her the right outcome (the right tune) for her bathroom renovation.


But surely a builder has to do this? Surely your builder is his (or her) own conductor for all things renovation?


Well yes… but we’re the Simon Rattle of bathroom music and they’re the Lorin Maazel of the building world – we’re better at our own type of music!


Builders do take on lots more than just walls and extensions of course… but you won’t find us planning extensions because we specialise in bathrooms. And we’re VERY good at them. We do small building work but we stop and let the experts deal with the larger jobs.


Because we specialise, we’re able to ask the right questions and plan the right steps to the best bathroom you could ask for… within your space constraints.


We believe your bathroom should be right for you and be the best it could be, and we also know that neither you nor your builder know enough about bathroom design and planning to ask and answer the right questions as we would.


Is it cheaper to use your builder to fit your bathroom?

If you’re using a one-man band builder then the simple answer is “yes, it is probably cheaper”.


But at what cost?


Sure, you’ll save on VAT as a self-employed small builder won’t charge you VAT and you’ll get a reasonably good deal.


But will he plan it with you? Or might it end up being bodged?


Will he know if a free-standing bath will work well aesthetically and functionally in your new bathroom? Just fitting isn’t enough.


Will your builder have a good understanding of clever use of space or how to choose the right suite for you and your family? Does he know about tiles and colours?


Don’t forget that your builder only has to know 5% more than you to sound like an expert…



Why not just buy your suite from the internet and ‘get your builder on it’?

Yes – buying your suite from the internet could be cheaper.


We won’t lie.


Shopping around online, right now in this browser, will give you a good deal on a bathroom suite.


But again – at what cost?


Will you buy the right suite or bathroom? Will you, no matter what your knowledge of bathrooms, make the right decision?


Because when you shop online it’s just you.


There’s no us and there’s no expert support or guidance.


That online chat window is great but it doesn’t come with four decades of experience… Most online chat operators won’t know much more than you do about a product.


It can save you money but they can’t make the best use of the space in a bathroom they can’t see.


Online deals save you money but shopping online relies on your expertise and your choice alone.

We won’t be there to guide you and hold you hand.


We won’t be there to make the decision for you on wall mounted or pedestal and we won’t be able to offer you help and advice on tiles, lighting or the latest gizmo and whether or not you need flush fitting handles or push button this and that.


It’s cheaper… but is it right for you?


You also become responsible for the order and the delivery.


You can pass this onto your builder but ultimately you’ll be buying it and you’ll be the one to sort it out when it’s not quite right… Or if it’s damaged in transit. Or if the wrong thing turns up on your door.


… it’s your choice but your fault too.


Does a builder understand bathrooms as well as a bathroom expert?

If he’s good, your builder will understand bathrooms quite well… just not as well as us.


Your builder will have a good understanding of plumbing and fitting a bathroom as you would expect. He will know how to fit the basin and how to plumb the WC… but how many does he do a year?


We fit over 140 quality bathrooms per year and with that comes a lot of experience for getting it right. Your builder will fit a few… but how many will be perfect?


We find that with experience comes a great understanding and a better final outcome. Do you?



We’re experts at bathrooms – is your builder?

When it comes to planning and designing your bathroom you could just hire someone that knows how to fit it. Yes it would be fitted OK and the suite would fit if you measured it right.


Yes you would save on CAD design and planning costs and ordering it online would give you some airmiles or bonus points or maybe a free mug.


But we think bathrooms are worth getting right, don’t you?


We think you’ll spend quite a lot of your time in your bathroom. We know that you’ll be in your bathroom first and last thing everyday and we know you’ll have to get a lot out of your bathroom.


We know a beautiful and comfortable bathroom is the real heart of the home.


Good heart surgery is important. Would you have discount heart surgery?


We can do a small amount of building when required but we pass on the serious stuff to the experts and we believe that you should do that with your bathroom.


Fitting is only a small part of your bathroom and we’re good at orchestrating the whole renovation and project so you get the perfect pitch.


If you want a truly stunning bathroom that will benefit you, your home and your lifestyle for years to come then contact us in our Coventry bathroom showroom today.


If you just want to save some money and make a bathroom fit in an empty room then maybe keep shopping online and call your builder. But don’t say we didn’t warn you. 😉