Nine Ways To Ruin Your Bathroom Planning

We love designing and planning bathrooms. With years of design and installations comes a lot of experience and the skill to spot when something isn’t going to work before we get to the important part – fitting it!


We thought we’d share with you the main reasons a bathroom plan will fail to give you some ideas of what NOT to do.


Nine Ways To Ruin Your Bathroom Planning


Measure Twice, Cut Once

Not measuring correctly is high on the list of potential failures with any DIY job, right? Clearly you should always make sure that you have the right dimensions for any project, and you should plan things carefully before getting your tools out.


It’s often hard to measure your bathroom on your own. Seek some help and a second opinion on your measurements. It’s a lot easier measuring the long walls when someone holds the end of the tape for you.


It’s very easy to measure in metric and give the results in imperial or mix around a few numbers in translation. Get it right – it’s very important.


Can You Use It In That Space?

Not allowing activity space for your items and furniture is a classic mistake.


Those drawers need to pull out fully. That door needs to open all the way, and you need to be able to open the mirrored cupboard doors to get anything in it!


Make sure you’re planning for swinging, opening, popping, lifting, turning and any movement that your new bathroom will need.


Can You Swing A Cat?

We’re not sure where that phrase came from and we’re not accustomed to swinging a moggy to measure… but it’s a good one to think about.


Can you move in your bathroom? That bigger bath is lovely to have if you’ve got plenty of space, but will there be enough room after you fit the basin and toilet?


Can your bathroom cope with a large storage unit or a clothes basket?


Cramming too much into a room is a big mistake as it will just feel small and will become quickly disorganised and messy. Be careful and clever with the space you have.



Desire Over Practicality? You May Regret That

Viewing the suite you like the best rather than what’s suitable for your bathroom is common. It’s OK, we understand that you want your bathroom to look amazing and we can still do that.


But don’t let aesthetics take over usability. Sometimes you will have to say no to a bathroom that simply doesn’t work with the room that you have or the family you live with.


And you also need to consider your home. If you want to fit an ultra modern bathroom in a traditional house it might just not work.



Put That In Your Pipe And Fit It

Your bathroom will have many pipes to make it work. Water, waste, shower, basin, radiator.


Not planning around these is common but of course you can’t easily change them (in most cases). You need those pipes to make your bathroom function, so be careful to plan where they are or where they’re going and work them into your design. If you’re moving the pipes, take a photo of where they are so you have it for when you change things in the future! No one needs to hammering through a water pipe while trying to put up a shelf.



Think About Who Uses Your Bathroom

Consider your household for a second.


How many people live or stay in your home? Is it peaceful? Chaotic?


You must do this for any bathroom design. Consider who uses your bathroom and how they use it.


Getting rid of your bath when you have young children could be a bad move, for example.


If you have older relatives to stay, can they use your bath?


Can the children reach the toothbrush if it’s on a high shelf?


More Modern, Less Practical?

Some modern products can be less practical. “They don’t make them like they used to” as they say! And in some instances it would be better if they did.


Make sure that your modern choices suit your lifestyle and your bathroom. A bathroom has to function well to be a success.


Shower Too Powerful For Your Home?

Another good example of bad planning is choosing a power shower which uses considerably more hot water… only to find all four people in the house want to have a shower first thing in the morning or before they go out.


You might find that there’s simply not enough hot water for everyone and someone is going to miss out. This is desire over planning again. Think about how well a power shower will work in your home and whether you have the capacity to run it.


Small Bathrooms: Think Minimal

Trying to cram features into small bathrooms is a big mistake. When designing a small bathroom you should plan to use your space intelligently and choose items and furniture that make the best of a small space.


Cramming too much into a small bathroom will actually enclose the room rather than give it a feature or more luxurious feel.



Plan, measure, think, assess and role play.

When you’re planning your new bathroom it pays to plan well. Make a real effort to understand how your bathroom needs to function, who uses it and how they use it.


You’re going to be inundated with choice… planning well helps you choose well.


Of course if you need the help of an expert we’re only a phone call or visit away.

Drop into our Coventry Bathroom Showroom and speak to one of our team. We’d be happy to help you avoid mistakes and plan a beautiful new bathroom.