New Bathroom Desire – The Tell-tale Signs

It’s that time of year again. No; not shopping Armageddon, not sprout season and not even Mother-in-law appreciation time.


Nope! It’s the time of year when new bathroom desire kicks in.


It’s a little-known compulsion that could happen to you this time of year and we wanted to point out the key signs so that you know when you’re under the spell.


New Bathroom Desire – The Tell-tale Signs


Jealous wanton sinking feeling


Firstly, this is the party season and you’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. No, not from that dodgy sauce, but from all the festive drinking and replenishment.


These extra bathroom visits soon add up and soon you’ll be popping into use bathrooms from hotels to bars, from restaurant to your friend’s new home. Yes, you’ll soon become jealous and wanting a new basin, new towels, maybe just some tiles and then you’ll start wondering: “why haven’t I got a soft-close toilet seat?”


Go steady out there – there’s temptation behind every bathroom door.


No room at the Inn


The traditional reason for Christmas is of course the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. The little child born in a manger in a barn… because there were no rooms at the Inn.


We all suffer this at Christmas, don’t we? Our homes simply don’t feel big enough. You invite all the family over and all of a sudden your home shrinks and you proclaim “There’s no room at the Inn!”


The problem is that the bathroom desire will creep up on your again. The desire for a bigger, better, shinier and more suitable bathroom will attract you. You might even start to want for a new downstairs bathroom or toilet. Wouldn’t an en-suite be useful? All those sherrys have meant that your old auntie has had to make a lot of trips!


Prepare yourself for not feeling equipped this Christmas. Prepare to feel small, inefficient and in need of a makeover!


Pure, unfiltered jealousy


Something you really need to be careful of is the green-eyed monster. He’s a close friend of bathroom desire and will lure you in before passing you over to BD. Celebrations on Christmas Day and Boxing Day will see you visit many homes and many people. Going through the keyhole can have disastrous effects and can leave you with a case of bathroom desire.


Imagine the feeling: you’re round a friend’s house, they’ve just got out the finest plates and they have those gorgeous champagne flutes you’ve always wanted. The green-eyed monster knows he has a chance with you…


But then you go upstairs to the bathroom. They have a corner shower, just like the one you wanted. They have a double basin with a vanity unit and then you realise that the mirror is heated and doesn’t steam up when Pete is shaving his perfect face!


Arrrgh! You’re under the spell.


Suddenly your bathroom at home seems a distant memory and all you want is this clean, crisp, modern bathroom.


Bathroom desire has you again.


Too much TV… bathroom overload!


It’s Christmas special time and all the TV channels are lining up to entertain slightly more rotund people all gathered around family homes eating turkey with turkey and a side of turkey.


What better way to sleep off the huge meals than to sit in front of the TV?


But wait… bathroom desire lives there too.


Firstly you’ll have to endure the sales and marketing in the adverts and Christmas is a good time to encourage you to buy. Bathroom desire is well known to the advertisers and they’re ready to capture you.


Secondly you’ll watch some amazing films. In these films lurk beautiful bathrooms. Bathrooms of the rich and famous and bathrooms in huge American homes. You could dance in some of those!


Beware… bathroom desire is coming for you…


Too much time… you’ll start thinking…


This is often the biggest attack from bathroom desire – time!


  • Time to shop
  • Time to think
  • Time to reflect
  • Time to think “We really do need a new bathroom, love”.


Beware… time is the friend of bathroom desire. All year you’ve had no time, you’ve had gardening, work, projects, family chores, new jobs and all the things life throws at you.


At Christmas though, all this stops and time becomes available. Time to think, plan, reflect. And time to look at your tired bathroom and think about the last time you loved it.


Bathroom desire – there’s a cure for that!


Of course, bathroom desire has a simple cure and that cure is a visit to your our Coventry bathroom showroom.


Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t want for something you think you can’t have. Don’t keep being asked by your partner… you’ll never silence their bathroom desire!


We’re always around to discuss your bathroom desire and if you like we can give you the perfect remedy too.


Enjoy the festive season!


From all at Alan Heath and Sons.