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Archive | Bathrooms

Alan Heath - Finding Tradesperson Trust Jan2of2

Finding a Tradesperson You Can Trust

When something goes wrong in your home or office, most homeowners and business owners rely on the expertise of a tradesperson to help identify the problem. It’s important that you can trust the advice you’re given. But how do you know that you’ve been given the solution that’s best for you – and not for […]

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Alan Heath - Bathroom Design What Should Every Bathroom Have Mar2of2

Bathroom Design: What Should Every Bathroom Have?

Planning a bathroom renovation can be very exciting. Naturally we all mentally skip through the building works and imagine the end product, lying back in our luxurious new bathtub, mood lighting set to low, and relaxing music playing softly in the background. But before you leap into the bubbles, there are a few other essentials […]

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Alan Heath - Walk in shower or Wet Room. What’s the Best Option - September - 2-2

Walk in shower or Wet Room? What’s the Best Option?

Who hasn’t seen a movie scene set in a spacious, glamorous walk in shower? It may seem a luxurious option suitable for designer mansions, but actually walk in showers and wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular in modern home bathrooms.   If you’re thinking of redesigning your bathroom to maximise space, or just because you […]

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Alan Heath - Updating Your Home for the New Normal

Updating Your Home for the New Normal

  We’ve all spent a lot more time in our houses over the last few months, and that’s had quite an impact on how we use the place we call home. A study by Aviva, taken during lockdown, shows that 85% of us undertook some home improvements, with decluttering, gardening, and home decorating being the […]

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Alan Heath - Is Having a Bath Good for Your Mental Health

Is Having A Bath Good For Your Mental Health?

In the past, mental health was a more taboo topic of conversation. Many of us were too proud or frightened to discuss how we really feel, or ask if there was anything that could be done to help. Nowadays, things are different, and we feel that more open dialogue is better. Just like any serious […]

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