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Archive | Bathrooms

Remodelling A Bathroom on A Budget

Remodelling A Bathroom on A Budget

When walking into your bathroom feels like a necessity rather than a delight, you might well think it’s time for a remodel. After all, it’s the room in the house where you should feel pampered and relaxed. But just how much will that renovation cost? We often say that the bathroom can be one of […]

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Covid-19 Building and Bathroom Material Supply

Covid-19: Building and Bathroom Material Supplies

The pandemic has had unprecedented impacts on our work lives and our home lives, and we’re still feeling the effects in different ways. For us, one of those impacts has been on the supply of bathroom and building materials. Whilst there have been supply issues throughout the last 18 months, it’s been worse than ever […]

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Are Corner Toilets a Good Idea

Are Corner Toilets a Good Idea?

If there is one thing that most homes need, it’s a bit more space. We homeowners are fascinated by smart storage and consider clever furniture ideas such as hideaway beds as a way of making more space in our homes. And so, when we’re looking at small bathrooms, a corner toilet seems like a good […]

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Alan Heath - Finding Tradesperson Trust Jan2of2

Finding a Tradesperson You Can Trust

When something goes wrong in your home or office, most homeowners and business owners rely on the expertise of a tradesperson to help identify the problem. It’s important that you can trust the advice you’re given. But how do you know that you’ve been given the solution that’s best for you – and not for […]

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Alan Heath - Bathroom Design What Should Every Bathroom Have Mar2of2

Bathroom Design: What Should Every Bathroom Have?

Planning a bathroom renovation can be very exciting. Naturally we all mentally skip through the building works and imagine the end product, lying back in our luxurious new bathtub, mood lighting set to low, and relaxing music playing softly in the background. But before you leap into the bubbles, there are a few other essentials […]

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