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Archive | Bathroom facts

Things NOT to store in your bathroom

Things NOT to Store in Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be a difficult room for storage, with many of us opting for built-in cupboard space and minimal storage solutions. We thought we’d make you aware of several items that you shouldn’t store in your bathroom. You may discover you don’t need so much storage space after all.   Temperature fluctuations may damage […]

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS Why-You-Should-Avoid-Cheap-Bathroom-Furniture-and-Suites

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Cheap Bathroom Furniture and Suites

As with any industry or niche, there are a multitude of options and choices in the bathroom world. There are more basin choices than you could think of, options for your bathroom cabinet that you probably haven’t seen, and then there’s the tiles, flooring, and colours to choose. The right choices are essential if you’re […]

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Alan Heath - Why-is-This-Product-More-Expensive-Than-That-One

Why is This Bathroom Product More Expensive Than That One?

In life, do you really get what you pay for? Do you always get quality when you pay more? We’ve never been at the cheap end of the bathroom market. Our service, products, and the finish we offer is to the best standard that we can give and supply. But is it over-priced? Is the […]

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