Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas – 5 Makeover Tips

Yes – they’re back (again). Vintage never seems to get old, does it? How ironic! Vintage bathrooms. So we’ve been looking for vintage bathroom ideas and tips to get your bathroom on trend, if you want it to be.


Here are five ways you can give your bathroom that vintage design touch.


Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas – 5 Makeover Tips


Vintage Patterned Wallpaper

Nothing says vintage like lots of bold and floral colours, does it? If you’re looking to make an impact on your bathroom then the walls are the biggest area to make a change on.

Tiling your bathroom is always an option and some pink or pastel colours will give you some vintage tone, but nothing is more impactful than some vintage style wallpaper.

Be sure to go for a wallpaper that will cope with your bathroom’s current scheme – or update your towels and products once you’ve redecorated. Also make sure that your wall paper will stand up to steam and heat.



Vintage armchair

A centrepiece for your bathroom can add that wow factor or an element of drama, no matter what design you’re going for. But a vintage armchair makes and great statement piece and really changes the feel of your bathroom.

This can be expensive but why not get inventive and head to your local auction or charity shop and go bargain hunting? Sometimes some sanding and a lick of paint can revitalise an old piece of furniture and also means you can choose the colour, too!


Choose your vintage colours

The great thing about going vintage is the choice of colours you have to choose from. From pale pinks to pastel blues and vivid blood reds you can really go to town. Why not create your own palette from some of your favourites of take inspiration from your favourite vintage show or magazine?

Go wild with the colour here. Get your towels, product containers, accent colours and more right down to the dried flowers and blinds. Vintage is all about being bold with your colour. Grab some interior design magazines for inspiration.


Flowers… it’s all about the flowers

Vintage is very floral and one of the great fun parts is adding some plant life to your bathroom. From dried to real life, mix it up and get some vintage flowers on your shelf, floor or window sill.

Some great varieties to go for are roses, lavender or giant daisies. The texture and mix of colours is important here. You might find seeking inspiration on Pinterest for vintage wedding flowers will give you a great start and might even form the palette for your entire room. If you’re on a budget try IKEA or eBay for some realistic artificial flowers and plants.


Rolltop bath

This is a more expensive option than the first four, but what a difference this will make to your vintage look. Roll top baths are a stunning feature for any bathroom and are also a great talking point too.

A roll top bath will require plumbing and tiling work if you’re taking away a standard bath. The wall will need re-tiling and the pipes will need to be moved and possibly changed depending on the final look. If you can place it in the middle of the room it can look stunning.

Again, you may strike gold at auction or in a salvage yard but these baths are no very popular and often demand a high price.

Go vintage… it’s very up-to-date!

So be brave, go bold and get vintage in your bathroom design.

Is it a risk to re-design in vintage? Well maybe if you have an ultra modern home and plan to re-sell. But really, vintage has always been in and it’s a timeless look.

Get creative with your colours and textures and seek inspiration from your favourite magazines and the Pinterest boards above. Good luck and if you need that bath moving or any advice on your plumbing then call us or visit us in our Coventry bathroom showroom.