How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take?

How Long will a Renovation Take

There’s one room in your home you rely on more than any other, and that’s your bathroom. So, when your bathroom is out of use during renovations, time really is of the essence.


Unlike a kitchen, where you can made do with a microwave and takeaways for a few days or weeks, temporary solutions to replace a bathroom are more limited. Some homeowners may be lucky enough to have a second toilet in their home, while others move out completely. But there’s one question everyone wants an answer to; “How long will my bathroom renovation take?”


The stages of a bathroom renovation.

We would estimate that a bathroom will take two to three weeks, but there will be some factors that will influence this. Most parts of your refurbishment are roughly the same, no matter the size of your bathroom. However, the complexity of your design and booking the various tradespeople at each stage can add waiting times.


At Alan Heath we make sure that delays are avoided as much as possible by doing every part of your refurbishment ourselves – which means no waiting for third party electricians, plumbers and plasterers to be available.  


Stripping out your old bathroom

A complete bathroom refurbishment means removing every piece of your current room and taking it back to a bare shell. By managing it ourselves we’ll have already arranged for a skip to be on site and our plumber to manage alterations to the pipework, so we estimate a day here. Allow more time if you’re removing doorways or knocking out walls, altering the structure of the room.


Renovating your new bathroom walls

Removing your old bath and tiles will expose bare bricks and damage old plaster, so we’ll arrange for our plasterer to come in next and smooth your walls and ceiling for a fresh finish. Depending on the size of your room, plastering can take up to two days. Drying takes longer, but other work can be carried out while we wait for the plaster to fully dry.


Fitting your bathroom suite in your renovation

This stage is called the first fix. It’s where we begin to install your bathroom suite, and arrange your new bath, shower tray, pedestal and toilet, connecting plumbing and solving problems. We’ll estimate three-four days here, and at the end you’ll be able to see the shape of your renovation taking place.


Tiling your new bathroom 

Tiles are what gives your bathroom style. Have you chosen elegant, trendy or classic, plain or patterned, large or small? This is where size can make a difference – this stage will take around two days, or longer if your bathroom is large. Added complexities here can be caused by awkward shapes, corners or patterns that require more cutting as well. But when it’s finished, your bathroom will be transformed.


The final fix on your bathroom renovation 

What’s left? The final fix finishes everything off. We’ll be snagging little bits so that everything looks perfect. And of course, we’ll check that everything is in full working order. The final fix means that as soon as we leave, your bathroom is ready to use. We allow two days here to make sure nothing is missed out.


Time is important

Tradesmen can’t work in the same bathroom at the same time – you can’t plaster while the plumbing takes place, especially in a small space. So, having Alan Heath manage the project means we can bring in the right people at the right time without delays or waiting for people to become available. Our team offers a complete renovation package, which includes the design, installation and final fit, and means you have one consistent contact throughout the whole project too.


If you’d like to know more about renovating your bathroom, book an appointment with our design team on 024 76 691469.