Designer Bathrooms: Now A Necessity Not A Luxury?

We recently read that our cousins in Australia are reporting an increase in popularity for their humble bathrooms. The standard ‘out back’ toilet and functional bathroom (room with a bath, literally) is now becoming a designer’s paradise.

Ozzie bathrooms are now seen more as personal ‘day spas’ and more of a feature of the home than ever before.

Here in the UK the humble bathroom has been one of the key influencers in a house sale for years. A modern, designer bathroom can really add value and saleability even if it’s a few years old. Because of this, the place where homeowners invest more money is often the bathroom and then kitchen.

Yes, the garden and lounge and bedrooms get a look in, but you often hear that a quality kitchen or bathroom adds selling power.


Start your day right; start it in your designer bathroom

When you think about it, the bathroom is the first and last place that go to and the most used place… even more so than your kitchen. The toilet gets flushed more than the kitchen tap gets turned and most people visit the bathroom before the kitchen in morning.

Starting off your day well is important. Many successful business people attribute their success to a strict morning plan and in many manufacturing plants in the Middle East they perform exercise and yoga-style routines before the working day. Some Middle-Eastern companies even continue those strategies over here.

So, the morning start is important. How you begin your day can impact on your day. Where do you start your day? Your bathroom.

We think investing time and money in your bathroom is incredibly important. Not because we sell bathrooms but because we firmly believe that a luxury bathroom can lift your house and your life.

Big promise? We don’t think so.


Starting your day like the most successful people in the world

Barack Obama starts every day at 6:45 with a workout.

Winston Churchill reportedly woke at 7:30 and stayed in bed until 11am.

Steve Jobs started his day with a question and famously told us in his speech to students graduating from Stanford: “For the past 33 years I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ Powerful stuff.

So, the right start is important.

We can’t all implement a yoga strategy or have the ability to go running around the White House. We can’t all have the drive and creativity of the late, great Steve Jobs and decide how we live and what we do… but we can start the day in a beautiful bathroom.

Think about that.

You can set your day to be the exact way you need and want it to be with your bathroom design.

You can make yourself feel a certain way each day by creating the best bathroom and best environment for a great day… plus it puts you in a good mood!

Here are a few ways a designer bathroom gives you a better start to your day.


Bathroom lighting: an important part of a designer bathroom

The light in the morning wakes you up. The sun wakes up your circadian clock. Your circadian clock tells your brain when it’s time to wake or sleep. It’s similar to how birds know when to wake and when to sleep. Think about the eerie moment during the recent eclipse when they all went silent.

Light in the morning is important to your brain and it’s also important to see your make-up, do up your tie, brush your hair, and if you’re like Steve Jobs, look yourself in the mirror in preparation for the day. Bathroom lighting – good bathroom lighting is important.


Better bathroom storage

There’s nothing worse than a fumbling morning where you can’t find the things you need and when things don’t go to plan. With an organised life we can avoid this – and an organised bathroom is an essential part and start of this.

Clever storage and compartments in modern and designer bathrooms keep our lives running to routine and order by having everything in its place and to hand when you need it.

Good bathroom storage is essential to a calm and serene designer bathroom.


More power in the shower

Nothing says “Morning” like a powerful, invigorating shower. Although we recently blogged about showers waking you up being a myth they still give you a good boost in the morning.

A powerful shower certainly says “we’re ready” more than a weak and dribbling electric one, doesn’t it? Think about that beautiful hotel you stayed in recently… the shower was brilliant and it probably gave you a great feeling for the beginning of your day.


Change the colour in your bathrooms

Having the right tiles, colour and design can really impact on your bathroom and can make or break the overall look and feel. The best bathrooms look seamless and sublime and just… wow!

When you have a designer bathroom to start your day, you’ll be lifted by just feeling like you’re a success. Don’t believe us? Think again about that amazing hotel room you stayed in recently.


Designer bathrooms give you more space

Many designer bathrooms or new bathrooms use space better. Designing how your bathroom is going to fit together and where you’ll place things is essential to the success of it. When you have a cramped bathroom where you bump into things or you feel enclosed and tight for space, you’ll feel restricted.

In the morning you need to stretch (literally) so having space and the feeling of space is essential. Wake up to space, clean lines and clever design to give you the best possible start.


Designer bathrooms: give yourself the best start to your day

So no. We’re not surprised that bathrooms are being given more time, more money and more exposure in Australia, although we would argue that this probably isn’t overnight news.

Bathrooms matter. Start your day off in the best possible way, every day.

If you need to reset your starting point and would like to see what we can create to give you the most successful and energetic start to your day then call us or visit our Coventry Bathroom Showroom and let’s chat about what’s possible.