8 Simple but Effective Bathroom Ideas For the Modern Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are far from dull and functional. At Alan Heath and Sons we know this, because creating beautiful bathrooms is something we do all day!

Modern bathroom ideas are endless and the themes and concepts we’ve worked on are very interesting and fulfilling to work on.

We’ve seen it all… until the next one that is, so we wanted to share with you some of the simple things you can do that will really transform your bathroom.


8 Simple but Effective Bathroom Ideas For the Modern Bathroom


Feature colours on walls or cabinets

A striking colour scheme throughout your bathroom can seem like a risky design. A completely red bathroom would be a very interesting room but maybe not that much of a sanctuary!

One idea we really like is subtle colour points and features that add colour but don’t dominate the bathroom.

Picking out one wall and simply painting it a different colour makes a superb feature and then matching up the units or bath panel to suit can really add a flare to your bathroom without over doing it. There are lots of new things on the market including waterproof feature wallpaper and even 3D floor printing!


Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Adding a mirror to a room adds to the illusion of space and we’re all familiar with that concept. But have you ever been brave enough to make a wall into a mirror? Not the whole wall (that would be quite costly) but go large if you can.

A large mirror is a very good way to have the feeling of space and also makes a great feature in your bathroom. It’s also very useful!

You’ll be amazed how much design and style this adds to your bathroom. Most hotels have large mirrors to give the illusion of space but they also add a luxurious effect too.


Go large on your tiles

Re-tiling an existing bathroom is much like wallpapering a bedroom or painting the spare room. It can lift a tired looking room and really freshen it up.

The trend now (and for a while) is large tiles. Large tiles look great as they have fewer joins and that means fewer grout lines and a cleaner look. Be careful not to go to dark on a small bathroom as this can make the room feel smaller. Beige is on-trend this year, as are subtle shades of grey.

If you don’t have a clear feature wall, why not consider feature floor tiles? Statement making floor tiles can be stunning and add style without overwhelming the space.


Add some flowers or plant life

Simply adding a few touches can often reap big rewards. House plants are a great way to add a fresh look to your bathroom and the correctly chosen plant will thrive in your bathroom too.

Tropical houseplants can thrive well in a bathroom with low light and high humidity. Most bathroom plants will do well on a shelf or windowsill.

Some plants that perform well in a bathroom are:

  • Boston fern
  • Bamboo
  • Cast iron plant
  • Spider plant


Plants and nature add a spring-freshness to your bathroom and some much-needed life.


Black Grey and white – the hotel look!

We keep mentioning hotel bathrooms as for many they’re the most luxurious selection of bathrooms they’ll see, and they’re great for inspiration.

Aside from having a load of rich friends or footballers as colleagues we’re not all likely to see such beauty on a day-today basis!

The fashion in many chic hotels to is go for the black, grey and white look. Black walls, grey tiles and bright white suites are a very bold move but very luxurious and designer to look at.

Again, be careful with small bathrooms as the dark colours can make your room feel smaller.


Black and white bathroom design

Source: HousetoHome.co.uk


We tend to find that people fall in to two camps.  White, grey, charcoal and black – or some form of creams and browns.  This covers a multitude of colour shades but this is definitely what people tend to go for.

You can make a feature of your floor but things like borders around a floor will make the room look smaller.  You can see this on our walk way in our Coventry showroom how a simple border tends to narrow the walk way.


Bright white can help a small bathroom

On that point… bright white is perfect for a small bathroom. If you’re walls are dark and your tiles are patterned then a really simple fix is to white wash the lot! Paint the walls bright white and re-tile in plain, bright white tiles and give you small bathroom more space… visually.

There’s nothing cleaner that a clean bright and shiny white bathroom. You may want to add a few touches but the fewer colour changes and ‘noise’ in your smaller bathrooms, the better.


Change your exposed plumbing to chrome

If you have exposed pipework and plumbing then you may want to hide it. But why not replace it with chrome fittings and make a real feature of it? A bright shiny chrome basin trap with matching heated towel rail will literally add sparkle to your bathroom and give you some much need bling!

The look isn’t for everyone but we really like these ideas below:


Exposed chrome plumbing in bathroom design

Source: PInterest


Chrome plumbing in a bathroom design

Source: Pinterest


Changing your pipework to chrome can look modern, but some people view this as the pipework then standing out.  We think the best way is to hide the pipework however unless you are looking at doing a large job, this isn’t always possible. For example if you have a tiled floor you can’t put pipe work under the floor unless you take the tiles up.  The same goes for the walls; you have to remove tiles to do this.  This is why we say it’s generally for a larger job that this work is done.


White bathroom with a ‘signature’ colour

Matching up your towels and bath towel is a must for even the non-OCD amongst us. But did you ever think to carry it on throughout your bathroom?

Why stop at towels? Why not match up your soap dispenser and toothbrush holder too? You could go wild and have a very bright colour throughout. Rather than having loads of branded miss-matched bottles put them all into matching containers… just remember to label them!

Having a signature colour in your bathroom is a visually exciting concept but also helps to keep your bathroom uniformed and this will make it feel more organised and less busy on the eye giving you a feeling of space.

If you get bored of the colour you only need to change your accessories and not the tiles or walls – extra bonus!

Modern bathroom ideas don’t have to be expensive. Re-tiling is probably the most expensive idea here but adding some matching towels and containers is the least expensive and almost more effective in some instances.


Get creative in your existing bathroom.

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