Bath and Shower Screens – Everything You Need To Know

Bath and Shower Screens Everything You Need To Know


If you have a shower bath, a quality shower screen can be even more important than a quality shower. Installing a shower screen over your bathtub is one of the best ways to prevent water damage to your bathroom floor and walls.

What’s a shower screen and what does it do?

Bath shower screens are glass panels that prevent water from leaking from your combined bath and shower system. Bath shower screens are often installed with a hinged mechanism and constructed from glass of varied thicknesses. They’re a practical, space-saving replacement for shower curtains which can easily get mouldy and scruffy.

What are the different types?

Single panel screens

These are typically made of a single pane of glass that can be moved using a hinge. These are the most popular option since they provide a clean and fuss-free design with few nooks and crannies for dirt to collect in. Many single panels are also frameless for the ultimate in minimalist style.

Double panel bifold screens

These have a hinge in the centre of the screen and can be opened in a variety of directions, allowing simple access into your bath. They can function similarly to shower doors, which is fantastic if you’re short on room or want some extra splash protection. Double shower screens are typically a little bit longer, which is convenient if your bathtub is also long.

Folding panel

The shower screen for a folding panel bath may be folded into itself like a concertina. This clever layout makes it simple to enter and exit the bath without requiring a lot of extra space around the enclosure. Because of this, they are great for households with young children or the elderly who have limited bathroom space.

How easy are they to install?

Glass shower screens for bathrooms are simple to set up if you consider yourself a DIY expert. However, if you’re unsure or inexperienced with household projects, it’s best to hire a professional. After all, you don’t want your new screen to be shattered.

How do I look after a shower screen?

To keep them looking clean and fresh after installation, glass shower screens need to be cleaned frequently. Maintaining your shower screen is as easy as giving it the occasional quick wipe down with a cloth or squeegee. It’s easy to do as part of your bathroom cleaning routine.

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