A List of Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Designing a bathroom can bring up many questions and thoughts that you didn’t realise you’d need to consider. If you’re going for a full renovation then you’ll be working from a blank canvas. If you’re replacing the entire bathroom then it’s suite shopping for you.

But after all the big ‘stuff’ has been decided and indeed when the main bathroom design is finished, there are some very important parts to your bathroom that will need careful consideration.

The success of your bathroom doesn’t just lie in the lavish suite, power shower, great lighting, or those stunning new tiles. The difference between a nice new bathroom and a gorgeous new bathroom could come down to the parts that are often added as an afterthought.

A good bathroom needs to work in its entirety. It needs to have everything in place so that the bathroom flows and works with you every time you visit it and that can be as simple as being able to lay your hand on your toothbrush or having toilet roll available exactly when and where you need it.

Here’s a list of the main accessories you’ll need in your bathroom to help it to be enjoyable to use, through simple functionality.

Get the design right, but don’t forget to get the basics right too.

A List of Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Toilet Paper Holder

No bathroom is complete without a toilet roll. So you’ll need to decide whether you’d like it wall hung or in a standalone unit? Make sure you place it in the most convenient space next to the WC and of course ensure that if you’re going to fit it to the wall that you get a professional to drill through those brand new tiles for you. If you’re living alone and you’re left handed this may impact the side of the WC you choose to have the holder. And you’ll probably want a safe storage space for a few spare rolls, too.


Cleaning Supplies

Your bathroom won’t be clean forever. It’s a working space and it will need cleaning and maintaining the more you use it. Some simple cleaning products could include:

  • Toilet brush
  • Shower screen spray
  • Shower door squeegee
  • Toilet cleaner/bleach
  • Air freshener or a reed diffuser.


Waste bin

This is a simple but essential bit of kit. The bathroom bin is usually small and discreet but in the interests of keeping within the design, make sure you choose one that is both functional, practical but also attractive too. A pedal bin or push to open is better as it will usually stay shut and keep any unsightly smells trapped. We like Brabantia bins with automatically opening lids you don’t even have to touch!


Shower Mat

If you’re looking to make your bath/shower combination safer then a rubber shower mat is pretty safe. You can choose from many options here to keep your slippery bath from slipping you or your family over. Again you’ll need to work out how often you need to wash this to prevent mould or mildew from building up.

Most shower trays are designed to stood in so you’ll find raised bumps or ridges to make it slip-free.



Without doubt, the best way to ruin the look of your new bathroom is to fill it with ‘stuff’! Add storage and as much of it as you can, without making your bathroom feel too crowded. Aim to hide almost all your cleaning and beauty products behind closed doors to keep those gorgeous lines and sleek designs.

A good towel rail or heated towel rail also helps to keep the room organised and tidy. If you have space for spare towels that’s always handy.


Towel Set

Speaking of towels, now that you have a new bathroom you’ll want to match anything you take into your bathroom with your new colour scheme or theme. A bathroom towel set will allow you to add an accent colour and uniformly match your colours.

Don’t mix and match; splash out and get some new towels to complement your shiny new room!


Shower Curtain

We nearly always recommend a bath/shower glass door as opposed to the shower curtains we all had years ago, but if you’ve opted to go for less expensive option then don’t forget to add this to your list. You’ll want to consider the type of fabric used and whether it’s transparent or has a design or pattern.


Hand Towel

This will probably be covered by your towel set, but you might want to consider a set of hand towels and then decide where they will live and hang. It’s all about ease of use so get your hand towels in place so that you and your guests are never reaching for the bath towels.


Room Freshener

Even with a good extractor fan, there will be times when the bathroom could do with a little light relief. A good air freshener is essential for your bathroom. You could go for a simple spray on demand option or something more intelligent that sprays on regular occasions. We like reed diffusers as a nicer looking way of giving out a gentle fragrance constantly.


Floor Mat

When you step out of the bath or shower you’ll need something to step out on to. Get a set of floor mats so you can rotate them with your household washing and give your wet feet something warm and comforting to stand on after washing. Alternatively you could opt for a wooden raised slatted ‘mat’ which are often made of bamboo or acacia.


Wall Mirror

These are usually included in most designs, but are worth mentioning to add to your list. The bathroom mirror is a common sight and pretty much a mandatory item for your bathroom. Many opt for a mirrored or even magnifying or lit cabinet but you may well need to consider another mirror in your design and certainly have one ordered to go above the basin.


Shower Caddy

The shower can be a place where it all goes wrong with the organisation. Get a shower caddy or stylish shampoo and shower gel holder to keep all those essential products in their place and organised.


Toothbrush holder

Oh… and don’t forget your toothbrush! These are usually best stored in your bathroom cabinet but you still need to keep them upright to allow them to dry. A compartmentalised one will keep the brushes from touching each other too. Going electric? Maybe add into your design a power supply in your cabinet to charge your brush for you when you’re not using it. Many cabinets now come with this option.

They are plenty of bathroom essentials that you’ll need so don’t forget to budget for them and start your list. The suite, tiles and flooring are very important but once the bathroom is finished you’ll need these small things to really help it be a success!