7 Simple Tips to Modernise Your Bathroom Today

Everyone craves a modern bathroom don’t they? They say the kitchen is the heart of the home but we’d argue more people use the bathroom. The bathroom is the first and last place you visit in your home every day and we think that deserves special attention.

Modernising your bathroom is high on many people’s wish lists but of course budgets can limit what you can do. At Alan Heath and Sons we offer complete overhauls and bathroom renovations – but what if you can’t afford that right now?

Increasingly home owners are improving their existing bathrooms and adding some modern touches to what they already have.


So, here are our top seven modernisation tips for your bathroom


1. Lift your bathroom with new tiles

The tiles in your bathroom can make or break the overall feel of the room. Too small and the walls look too busy. Too big and the room looks small. Too dark and the room will feel small and dull. Choosing the right tile is essential on a new renovation but you could also consider a change to extend the life of your existing bathroom.

We’ve blogged before about different tiles styles and colours so check that out for inspiration. If you only have a part-tiled bathroom then tiling the whole room will transform it completely. If your current tiles are an old-fashioned design or just too dark for the room then re-tiling can be magical.


2. Tap into some modern touches

It may sound too simple to just change your taps but you’d be surprised. More often that not it’s the simple touches that really finish off a brand new bathroom so why not an existing one?

When it comes to taps you really are spoilt for choice and don’t forget that the taps in your basin are used more than in your bath or shower and by your guests. Add some modern style with small details and transform the basic functionality of your bathroom.


3. Bathroom furniture – more space or simple more modern

Having the right storage in any bathroom is a huge benefit. A cluttered bathroom looks neither modern nor clean and hiding away all your essentials is… well… essential!

Be clever with your bathroom furniture and use the height in your bathroom if you have it. Don’t fill all the walls with cabinets or it will feel enclosed and you’ll make it claustrophobic. Adding height with tall units will make the most of your bathroom’s space.

Also using clever storage under the basin with a vanity unit might be the way to go too. Dead space in a bathroom can be used to hide away all the clutter and make your bathroom look spacious, giving it back some clean lines.


4. Flooring – make the change from the floor up

The colour and texture of your flooring could be bringing your bathroom down. Old and tired flooring is not what a modern bathroom is made from. Consider changing the dark tiles to a lighter colour or removing the carpet and adding light vinyl instead.

Try not to go for a busy pattern in a small bathroom as this will only succeed in making it feel small, but large floor tiles can look dramatic and modern in a large bathroom.


5. New shower?

This may be slightly more expensive than the other options listed so far, but it might just be the most important part for your bathroom. A new shower might be a good replacement for your unused bath/shower. It would give you more space and completely transform your bathroom.

As with any new or renovated bathroom it should suit your needs and should work for you. If you’re not a big bather but shower twice a day it makes sense to change it from a bath to a shower and make it work for you by giving you some more space to play with.


6. New bath instead?

On the flipside of that you might consider upgrading your bath if you’re a regular bather. Maybe you want a slightly bigger bath or a new modern design. This may well start you moving into changing the whole suite so it might not be the best option for everyone but it will modernise your bathroom and improve your bathing.

Moving your bath’s position will be more expensive so don’t get carried away if you’re working to a budget. If you’re just changing the bath make sure it complements the rest of the room.


7. Sink some money into a new basin

You might think that just changing your basin is not going to transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary but you might be surprised. Obviously a full renovation is best but when you pay attention to the small details like we suggested with the taps you can really make a difference.

Maybe change your small basin to a larger unit or change it for a counter top basin for a striking look, or a new inset or vanity unit to add modern style and more space to get ready in the morning.


You don’t have to spend a fortune – spend wisely!

Yes the best thing to do with a tired old bathroom is rip it out and hire the professionals to transform it into a serene sanctuary of bathing bliss. But you can be clever with your current bathroom if your budget doesn’t permit that much work.

Simple touches like just painting the walls a lighter colour can lift your bathroom’s mood. Re-tiling is a huge transformation and adding small touches like new taps or basins works wonders.

If you need any advice or help with your choices please do call one of the team today. We’re experts in all areas of bathroom design and we’re only too happy to help.