6 Things You Should Know About Heated Towel Radiators

6 Things You Should Know About Heated Towel Radiators


We’re in the hot seat to address your heated towel radiator questions so you can make the best decision for your home.   

What is a heated towel radiator? 

Towel radiators, also called heated towel rails, are exactly what they sound like: rails that are heated in the same way a radiator would be so that when you step out of the shower or bath you can wrap yourself in a warm, fluffy towel. 

They also double as a drying rack, so once you’ve finished with your towel, simply place it back on the rail to dry; no more musty bathroom odours! 

Where to place the heated towel radiator 

You should give some thought to the location of your new towel rail in terms of how it will function, how it will appear, and how much space it will take up. In most cases, the position will be determined by: 

  • The space you have. 
  • The shape of the room. 
  • The size of the heated towel rail. 
  • The wall space you have. 
  • Whether it’s plumbed, electric, or dual. 
  • The position of existing pipework. 
  • Position of doors and furniture. 

If you want to heat the room with your towel rail, make sure it’s not blocked by doors or furniture. This should be the room’s coldest wall, with a window or other external wall nearby to help with heating and cooling. 

You’ll need to take some measurements, considering both the size of the heated towel rail and the wall it’ll be attached to. Placement near plumbing should be considered too, and if you’re not sure if this applies to you, we recommend checking with a registered tradesperson before making a purchase. 


Swapping a radiator to a heated towel rail 

If you’re connecting the heated towel rail to existing, modern plumbing, it’s quite simple. If the pipework is older, it won’t be any more difficult than replacing an old radiator with a new one. 

Are towel radiators expensive to run? 

It’s reasonable to assume that maintaining such luxury would be more costly. Whether you’re shopping for a new radiator or heated towel rail, this is something to keep in mind in light of the current gas and electricity crisis. 

 On the bright side, it would only cost about 23 pence a day to have one towel radiator on all the time.  

Is it safe to leave the towel warmer on? 

Given that heated towel rails are typically connected to your central heating system like any other radiator, the short answer is yes – unless you have small babies and children who could burn themselves. A warm towel is always welcome after a refreshing shower or relaxing bath, but you can also set the temperature to be lower while you’re not using the facilities. 

Choosing the right design for you 

The most exciting aspect of the process for many people is picking on the sort of heated towel rail that they want to place in their home. 

If this is your first time shopping for a heated towel rail, you may be pleasantly surprised by the variety of options available: 

  • There are ladder-style rails, which are the most common and popular in the UK. 
  • Horizontal rails for smaller bathrooms. 
  • Curved towel rails for extra space for those thick towels. 
  • Traditional towel rails for rustic charm and practicality. 
  • Designer towel rails for luxury homes and innovative designs at a high price point. 

We have a range of heated towel rails from our preferred and recommended suppliers, so visit our showroom for a closer look. You’ll be able to compare the different types and get a good idea of the styles available to you.  

Have more questions? Contact a member of the team at Alan Heath & Sons today and we’d be more than happy to help.