5 Bathroom Toys You Simply Must Have That You Won’t Have thought Of

Bathrooms are one of the places in our home where we spend a lot of our time. We bathe, we shower, we… well you know, offload. It’s a place where we should feel special and comfortable.


Bathrooms are not just about the suite and the matching towels though. You can buy a whole plethora of goodies for your bathroom. Some of them are completely pointless but fun, and some of them are really useful.


Here are our favourite top five from a recent wander around the internet!


Lighting for your bath – the Bath Gem


Have you ever used a Jacuzzi with mood lighting in? The ambient lighting will change slowly as you relax and give you a really luxurious feeling… or make you feel like a rock star.


Well now you can add all that to your bathroom for just a few quid. Grab the Bath Gem and float it in your bath water and you’ll have the perfect lighting show for your bath.


Want something a little more classy? Ask us about our bathroom lighting options.

The Bath Gem


Music to your ears – waterproof and Bluetooth


Listening to music can be very relaxing and when you add that to bathing you have the perfect combination for a relaxing time. But installing a sound system in your bathroom can be costly… so don’t!


Get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and play your favourite music from your smartphone right into your bathroom. Try a relaxing playlist from Spotify and let the stress of the day just melt away.

Gecho Bluetooth Speaker


TV Catchup – reflecting on a great day


Watching some TV is like a luxury in our busy world at times and to be honest we often miss most of the best shows. But now you can watch TV in your bathroom… without a TV!


Yes, you can now buy a mirror that doubles up as a TV. The mirror/TV combo isn’t cheap though… but it’s a rather cool idea that’s sure to impress your guests!

Hidden TV Mirror


Steamy bathroom? Wipe away your worries


After a long soak your bathroom is going to get a little steamy and you mirror is going to be difficult to use. Stop wiping the steam off with your towel or applying shaving foam – it’s a really messy habit.


Now you can simply wipe the mirror just like the car windscreen with this clever suck-on wiper! (That’s if you don’t have a heated mirror, which might be a bit more subtle!)

Mirror Wiper


Use The Force in your bathroom


With the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we couldn’t resist sharing this great dressing gown. Getting into your dressing gown after a long soak is ideal and now you can look just like a Jedi!


Sadly, the Jedi dressing gown doesn’t come with a matching light saber, but we’re sure you can improvise!

Star Wars Dressing Gown


Bathrooms  – make them fun!


We love making a bathroom to suit your lifestyle and if you’re a fun type of person then why not add some of that fun to your bathroom, too?

Of course, if you need some really good advice and tips on creating the perfect bathroom then just give us a call or pop into our Coventry bathroom showroom.