How to Have a More Efficient Shower

How to Have a More Efficient Shower


Who doesn’t love a long shower to wake you up and get yourself motivated for the day ahead? There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself at the start of your day.

But, how often do you find your moments are stretching into minutes? The longer you spend in the shower, the less time you have to get ready for work. Your day has gone from an easy start to a frantic rush in the time it’s taken you to soap up and rinse down. And we hate to say it, but the more water you pour down the drain, the higher your bills. So, try our tips for making your shower both enjoyable and efficient.


Turn up the music

While we all like to blame the teenager in the house for hogging the bathroom and using up all the hot water, do you actually know how long you spend in the shower each morning?

It might seem a little pedantic, but using a stopwatch on your morning shower would show you whether you actually leave yourself enough time in the first place. By establishing your shower routine you’ll know how long you really need. Then, you can set yourself a playlist that not only helps you keep track of time while you wash, but starts your day in a cheerful way. Although – if you’re an early riser in a full house, you may not want to crank it up too loud.


Turn the heat down

This option may only work if you’re a morning person anyway, or need a bit of extra kick. Turning the temperature down will certainly help you move a little faster in the shower, and it may even save you money on hot water bills. But it’s not going to be popular with everyone.


Streamline your routine

It’s important to see your morning shower as the first step in preparing for work, and not a time to indulge – that comes in the evening with your aromatherapy bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Just as you would approach a work-related task, consider how best you can streamline your shower. Prepare in advance by having your clothes ready, your towel nearby and your toiletries to hand. You might choose to use a more efficient 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, to speed up washing your hair. If that’s not an option and you need to leave your conditioner in for minutes, use that time for your body wash and shave.


Choose a powerful shower

If you already feel you are pretty speedy with the shampoo, it might be the shower itself that is slowing you down. When your hair is long and thick, but your water is more of a dribble than a flow, it might be time for some maintenance. A new shower head may be all that’s needed. Alternatively, it could be a good time to think about upgrading your shower for a more powerful option.

If you are just not prepared to give up your luxury hot shower at the start of your day, and the rest of the family are queueing at the door, then there is always another option.

Come and talk to us about bathroom design. A second shower room might just be the ideal solution.