How to Keep Your New Bathroom Looking Brand New for Longer…

Keeping your bathroom clean will keep it looking new. That bright and shiny bathroom looks so amazing the days it’s announced as finished, doesn’t it?

But over time the grouting can go dull, your tiles lose their shine as they begin to attract limescale and go a little streaky, and your taps and showerhead will soon begin to look ‘used’ rather than fresh and new.

It doesn’t have to be this way though, and we’ve seen and found our fair share of cleaning tips over the 40+ years of being in the bathroom business. Here’s a collection of our favourite tips and preventative measures, too.


Mould loves your bathroom!

Mould is the enemy of your clean bathroom, and it’s the biggest reason you lose that shine. It loves the moisture and warmth you’re naturally creating in your new bathroom, so be ready to tackle it at every turn.  

White vinegar is a great remedy to this mould problem. Drop some in a bit of warm water, wipe it over the glass of your shower door or the chrome on your taps and then buff it up with yesterday’s chip paper! (Newspaper gives you a brilliant streak-free finish.)

A microfibre cloth is great for reaching hard-to-reach places, too.

Mixing some baking soda with water really cleans up your glass and taps. Keep your bathroom airy and make sure you have an extractor fan fitted (which is now required under the latest building regulations anyway).
Even opening a window so that the air gets changed in the room will reduce moisture issues.

Lemons are also a great natural ingredient for your bathroom cleaning. Simply rub the juice over the taps and glass, and leave it for a few hours for a shiny new look.

Cola is also a super cleaning product for those really dirty areas. From taps to WCs, cola fizzes away to remove the nasties. Do you remember dropping a tooth or an old coin in cola at school?


From baby oil to grapefruit – some wild ideas for your cleaning routine 

We’ve blogged before about some rather outside-of-the-box cleaning tips. You can get your glass back to new with some great cleaning products, but you already have the perfect ingredients in your kitchen already.

From bagging your showerhead to rubbing grapefruit or washing your shower with tumble-dryer sheets, here are 8 rather interesting ideas for you:

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Mould-resistant grout and silicon

Prevention is better than cure so we like to fit out bathrooms with materials that literally repel the mould found right at home in your bathroom. We use an anti-fungal grout. The resistant properties in grout and silicone will stop mould from growing with in a product but will not stop mould from growing on a product.

The go-to product for us is Maxigrout.


Aqata – ClearShield for your glass

ClearShield is an award-winning product that keeps limescale at bay by making the interior surface of the glass a bit like a non-stick frying pan. ClearShield will help water flow off your glass so it doesn’t hang around to be turned into limescale.

ClearShield Eco-System is designed to stop the limescale building up in the first place and therefore reduces the need to clean it off. Prevention once again is beating the cure. 

For more information visit their website. 


Villeroy & Boch – Ceramic Plus

Villeroy & Boch have a special baked-on treatment that also repels dirt and limescale on their ceramic products. Ceramic Plus will also make the water glide off the surface of the ceramic, stopping any build-up from starting.

Much like ClearShield, the product stops the need for cleaning altogether and gives you the perfect remedy to bathroom mould building up at all. A simple clean is all you’ll need with this one, but you do need to have it in place when you install your suite.

For more information visit their website.


Prevention is better than cure, but there are some really simple ways to keep your bathroom looking new

Some of the tips here will prevent them from occurring at all, but if you’re past that then get the lemons, white vinegar and baking soda out and roll up those sleeves.

The difference can be transformational, so give them a go and do let us know how you get on.

It’s worth pointing out that most manufacturers will have their own recommendation and many of them simply recommend warm, soapy water. Abrasive cleaners are something best life avoided it you can.

Of course, nothing beats a brand-new bathroom, with fresh suites and more accommodating design, so if you do need some help then give us a call or visit our Coventry bathroom showroom for advice and expert help.