What are the Best Products for Cleaning a Bathroom?

A clean bathroom is a relaxing sight and although for some it may only be for a moment in time (thanks to a busy household), it’s something to aim for, right? Cleaning a bathroom can give a lot of satisfaction and it also keeps it looking brand new, just like the day it was created.

Bathroom design has really come on over the years, and products from suppliers and manufacturers have certainly become more intelligent and easier to clean. We now have many products that protect themselves with a coating or material that can put up with dirt and grime to give them years and years of use.

You’ll still need to clean even the most modern of bathrooms though, and to get the most enjoyment from your bathroom for many years to come you’re well advised to clean your bathroom regularly.

One of the questions get asked a lot about a new bathroom installation is: “How do I clean my bathroom and which products should I use to clean it?”.

Well most of the products you’ll know about are probably doing more harm than good…

Use the manufacturers own brand?

Almost all manufacturers of bathroom equipment that we work with recommend their own cleaners, particularly the shower glass suppliers. These are nearly always more expensive than standard cleaners, but just like quality shampoos and other items in your bathroom, there’s a reason for this.

They’re designed to protect and work with the glass or enamel and they’re far less likely to harm your bathroom materials.

They also recommend warm soapy water. This is safer on products and will do far less harm than the chemicals in the bathroom cleaners you’ll find in the aisles of your local supermarket.  


Most brands are too harsh

All of the manufacturers we work with have something in common: their fear that our customers will use harsh cleaners with a strong acid or alkaline property.

Yes, the products will clean the dirt and give you a really shiny finish but over time these can really damage the finish on your bathroom and do far more harm than good.

One of the biggest issues in bathrooms is limescale and this tends to draw the bathroom owner to the brands that promise to remove it ‘with a bang’, and of course this is far more effective than warm soapy water.

So, what do you need to do to avoid using them…?


Regular bathroom cleaning is better than a deep clean

Whichever way you look at bathroom cleanliness, it’s far better to have lots of regular cleaning rather than a really good one once a month. Waiting until it’s bad enough to need a ‘deep clean’ is going to require those harsh and damaging products, so instead perform a regular clean of your bathroom. Or better still, get someone else to do it!

It’s also worth remembering that your bathroom is easier to clean when it’s wet and right after it’s been used. Simply washing away the soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other products before they dry is easier and simply requires a quick wipe around.

You should also wash out your bath or basin when you’ve finished with it.

Waiting for the dirt to dry (even the invisible dirt) is a route to needing deeper cleaning and long-term damage your suite and more.


Some come covered… but you’ll still need to clean them

There are now many suites and glass products that come protected and can cope with being neglected a little in the cleaning area. Ceramic coatings and products applied to glass can make a real difference to your overall look and keeps them safe from limescale and other dirt in your bathroom.

The products work by filling in the small peaks and troughs in the surface of the enamel or glass to make it smoother, which in turn makes it easier to clean. When cleaning these surfaces almost 90% of the water simply runs off, much like on a highly highly polished car.

These finishes can be worn off though, as they’re just a coating – and using the wrong cleaner can affect the lifetime of them.


Tough and protected…

We also have some steel enamelled baths that we love because of the finish being extremely tough. With these you’ll get an extremely robust finish that’s difficult to damage and is really easy to keep clean.


Avoid harsh chemicals. Warm soapy water is best

Regular, sensitive cleaning is best. Overuse of the big brands is not recommended and every manufacturer we talk to recommends warm soapy water over those. Clean your bathroom after use and be careful not to harm the protection that your products already have on them.

The manufacturers products may be more expensive, but they were designed for you bathroom. The big brands are full of harsh chemicals and are best avoided if you can.

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