Must-Have Bathroom Gadgets For 2022

Must-Have Bathroom Gadgets For 2022
Must-Have Bathroom Gadgets For 2022

Must-Have Bathroom Gadgets For 2022


When it comes to bathrooms, gadgets may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, they can really make your bathroom stand out and their features add something special to your routine too.   

So, here are the must have bathroom gadgets for 2022. 


Shower radios  

When you think ‘radio’, you may think of something old-fashioned. However, that’s far from the truth when it comes to shower radios. Allowing you to truly unwind during your shower routine, it’s possible to get splashproof, portable shower radios now for your convenience. Who wouldn’t want some uplifting music to help them wake up in the morning? 


Mirror with speakers  

This HiB mirror is one of the smartest bathroom gadgets we’ve seen. The discreet, digital display tells you the time and temperature to ensure you won’t lose track of time when you’re getting ready. The integrated speakers also include a Bluetooth function, so you can connect it to your smartphone to play music while you brush your teeth, take a shower, or even wash your face! 

Other features include LED lights and an internal heated pad to help prevent condensation. This mirror is ideal for adding a futuristic look to your bathroom.  


SonicScrubber cleaning tool  

If you’re someone who can’t stand cleaning their bathroom sink and tiles, then this gadget could be for you! While it looks like an electric toothbrush, it’s actually specifically designed to help you with the mundane task of cleaning. It’s battery-operated and comes with four brush heads, including a soft head for delicate surfaces. This item can be purchased from Lakeland and comes with a three-year guarantee too. 


Automatic soap dispenser 

Hygiene in the bathroom is often a major priority. So, why not take an affordable step to make your bathroom more hygienic by purchasing an automatic soap dispenser 

Featured a C shape design, this dispenser allows you to operate it with the back of your hand and is compatible with all liquid soaps for convenience.  


Toothpaste dispenser  

While soap dispensers may be quite commonplace nowadays, how about a toothpaste dispenser? They even use vacuum technology to minimise waste. 

To dispense toothpaste, you just need to press your toothbrush against the lever. It’s easy to clean too, which makes this bathroom gadget great for anyone trying to eliminate more germs from their bathroom. 


Bath disco lights 

Ideal for children, these disco lights can be used in your bath. Waterproof and battery-operated, they’re specifically designed with young kids in mind, and are sure to make bath time much more manageable and fun. 


Shampoo shower cap 

Another one that’s bound to be popular with children and a practical addition to your bathroom, is a shampoo shower cap. Cleverly designed to shield kids’ and babies’ eyes from shampoo during hair washing, they even come in fun, animal designs.   


Toilet light  

Designed to fit any toilet, this toilet light complete with motion sensor means there’s no longer a reason to turn the light on when you go to the bathroom in the night. Available in 16 different colours, the light stays on for around two minutes.   

Alternatively, some basins and vanity units now have lights fitted that operate by a sensor. These are ideal if you’ve got young children, as when they use the bathroom in the middle of the night, the light will come on when it senses them walking by. The light also isn’t as bright as a normal ceiling light, so it doesn’t wake you up, but it’s still enough to allow you to use the toilet. 


Microfibre hair towel  

A must-have bathroom accessory for curly hair, microfibre towels are designed to quickly dry your hair while helping to limit damage, prevent split ends, and reduce frizz. Available in lovely designs, they’re often available with two tie-up buttons, to suit different hair lengths and leave room for thicker hair. They can also help reduce drying time and tame flyaways.  


Footrest for shaving  

 If you like to shave your legs over the shower, then here’s some good news! Gone are the days of hopping about on one leg while trying to move at awkward angles, thanks to the footrest for shaving. This bathroom gadget also features a universal razor holder and will fit any shower.  


Shower head with vitamin C 

Offering easy installation and a vitamin hit while you’re showering (we didn’t think it was possible either!), this shower head uses micro-jet technology, which helps you save money on water usage while increasing the water pressure.   


If you’d like to renovate your bathroom before adding these must have bathroom gadgets, why not visit our showroom for some inspiration?