How Can I Make My Bathroom Look Bigger?

Bathroom styling tips and advice

We’d all like a bigger bathroom, right? We’d love to have a bathroom the size of a ballroom. It would be amazing to dance around the bathroom, right?


Uh um…


But we’re not all blessed with David Beckham’s pocket or Her Majesty’s palace. So, we need to think clever about making our bathroom as big as we can by using good design. It’s not as hard as it first sounds and there are some really simple things – as well as some dramatic things – you can do to make your bathroom feel that little bit bigger.

Bathroom styling tips and advice



Mirrors – Go BIG!

We all know that mirrors create the feeling of space, yes? Well here’s some BIG news for you – bigger mirrors add even more space. When it comes to mirrors going big is the way forward. Go as big as you can and give your room the best chance of feeling grand. Your bathroom may even benefit from the addition of multiple bathroom mirrors with different purposes.


The added benefit is that the bathroom really does need a good sources of reflection too. Where else do you spend more time looking at yourself? (Don’t answer that if it’s your car rear view mirror!)



Lighting – Go Au Naturel!

Modern lighting is pretty impressive. From LEDs that last almost forever and incredible chandeliers and downlights, you’re really spoilt for choice.


But there’s no substitute for real, natural light. If you can, make sure you get as much as you can. Don’t use a dark blind or curtain, make use of any sky lights or consider opening up a window size to maximise the light you attract.


Natural light really makes a room feel larger.



Tile High, Tile to the Sky

Walls go all the way up, you know. As strange as it sounds your eyes will follow the wall up to the ceiling and this give an illusion of space. The trick is to help your eyes up those walls, and tilling right up to the ceiling is a simple way to do that.


This is especially true in your shower or bath area. It’s also very handy to be able to clean all the tiles at the same time. A couple of squirts of cleaner and a j-cloth and they’re back to shiny and new again. With wallpaper or paint it’s not as easy.  Tile size is important too. The larger the tile the better the look as you’ll have less grout joints and the less fussy the room looks, the less repetitive the room is, the cleaner and larger the room looks. Simple, eh!?



Use Clear Glass Shower Doors

Seeing through your shower or bath panel will stop your room feeling enclosed and cramped. Your view won’t be restricted and you’ll be all to see right through making your room larger on the eye.


Try to avoid misted or patterned glass on your bath or shower if you’re keen to give your bathroom a feeling of more space.



Use a Uniformed Approach

There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to design you need to keep it simple with small rooms. Going crazy on the colour palette is not something you should try in a small bathroom as it will give the room a noisy feel and most small rooms won’t cope with it.


Watch your transitions and keep to a theme. Having a few core colours and not too many changes of colour, texture or contrast will give your room a bigger look and feel.



One Colour Wonder

This may seem a little boring but keeping your bathroom to one colour for the walls and ceilings  Floor will also add space on the eye. You can go for white as the universal answer to this, or maybe a light, gentle colour to really make the room feel open and breezy.


Try to avoid dark colours in a small room though as these can really encroach on your feeling of space.



Lay Flooring Across the Length of the Room

If you’re using a wooded or laminate flooring then make sure that you lay it along the length on the room. Just like wall paper and that old jumper – stripes width ways aren’t a good look!


Stripe up, and lay length ways. Laying your wooden flooring along the length makes a huge difference making it seem longer and thus bigger than it really is.



For small bathrooms: think big.

Don’t overcrowd with ornaments, or over-complicate with too many things on the walls, and get plenty of natural light in there if you can.


Bathrooms need to feel less cluttered and more uniformed and organised to really make the most of the size and shape you have.


If you need any help feel free to contact us or call into our Coventry bathroom showroom for some design talk. We’ll happily show you around our displays and show you that a small bathroom can still be beautiful!