The Difference Between a Whirlpool and a Jacuzzi (And Why You Should Have One!)

After a long day at work there’s nothing better for you and your body than a relaxing bath. The salts, the water, the lovely warm temperature – they’re all great for your body and they help your mind relax too. The heat relaxes your muscles, reduces tension, and relieves pain.

But what about a Jacuzzi or a whirlpool? Are they better than a bath? And if so which one should you have?

Firstly, a Jacuzzi is a whirlpool bath. You see Jacuzzi is a brand name like Hoover. And, just like Hoover, Jacuzzi is used to describe all whirlpool baths as the brand name is so big it’s often mistaken and the way to describe a whirlpool bath as Hoover is to describe all vacuum cleaners. Clever branding!

But there are some differences between the types of systems available in the whirlpool world.

The Difference Between a Whirlpool and a Jacuzzi (And Why You Should Have One!)


Whirlpool uses a water system that can have air introduced into its jets. This air helps to increase the performance of the water jets. The system will re-introduce the water in your bath back into it through the jets and create your whirlpool. The jets on a Whirlpool are placed in the side of the bath.


Spa System

Spa systems (or air systems) are slightly different to a whirlpool bath in that they don’t use water through the jets, but air. A Spa system will use air to push the water around your bath and create that bubble and whirl effects. The air jets on a Spa system will be on the bottom of your bath.

If you’re looking for something to simply relax in then either system will do the job. Both will give you a great relaxing bath and bubbles and therefore oxygen to your body, which will help you to relax and unwind.


Fancy a massage?

If you’re looking for more of a massage to the muscles, then a whirlpool system is a better choice. In a Whirlpool bath you can direct the jets to specific muscles in your leg or back or wherever you’re feeling tight.

The downside to a Whirlpool bath is that jets are larger and you’ll have less room in your bath compared to a Spa system with small jets. It’s a minor thing but something to think about.


What about cleaning?

As with all these extra add-ons in your life, you have to consider the trade off. With a whirlpool you’ll need to have a maintenance schedule in place. You can do it yourself, so it’s not a case of getting a company in every other month, but you will need to fill the bath, add a detergent and turn on the system to pump in around and clean out anything lurking in the system. It will then need another flush with fresh water. It’s no great issue, but you’d be wise to make sure you do this regularly as the risk of disease increases if you don’t.

The air system in the Spa bath won’t need cleaning. As the system uses air and therefore doesn’t have water lying in the pipes of its system, you’re ok with cleaning.


There are benefits to both the Whirlpool and the Spa systems for you and your bathroom…

Both are a very relaxing and a wonderful asset to your bathroom.

The only downsides are the maintenance with a Whirlpool system and the extra cost of both, obviously. It’s also worth pointing out that both systems are noisy (to a point) and also will be more bulky. In almost all cases the pumps and pipework are all contained under the bath so space shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re looking for a larger bath.

Relaxing in either system is great for your muscles and respiratory system. The warm climate and the gentle manipulation of your muscles will really help to get your blood flowing and your oxygen pumping and is a great way to meditate and relax. What’s more, it can help you get to sleep if you’re struggling to make your way to the land of nod.

We all need to unwind after all, don’t we?

Don’t forget that if you’re pregnant or have heart disease you’ll need to avoid using hot tubs and spa baths.

If you need any advice then do pop into our Coventry bathroom showroom or call our experts today. We’ll be happy to help you – as long as we’re not in the tub!