Creating your dream designer bathroom

Most home-owners dream of having an amazing designer bathroom; the sanctuary that welcomes you at the end of a hard day. At Alan Heath & Sons we create those bathrooms and make your dream a luxurious and welcoming reality.

We’ve been designing and creating beautiful bathrooms for over 40 years, and our passion for bathrooms has never been stronger. We always think we’ve seen it all and tackled it all too, but there’s often a surprise around the corner to test our skills and creativity

Don’t let your dream designer bathroom become a nightmare

As with many dreams, in reality not everything is possible or easy. We’ve worked enough magic over the years to know what works where and what doesn’t. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, and just because it fits doesn’t mean it will function or work as well with your lifestyle or home.

Some things to consider when designing and planning your bathroom

  • Tile design. Tile designs on the walls and floor help the feel and space of a room. Different designs can make a room feel bigger or smaller.
  • Wall hung items. Our wall hung items and vanity units come in a range of designs suitable for every bathroom. In particular, wall-hung toilets are a stylish way to make your bathroom look contemporary. We can take into account things like your water supply and cistern to help you choose the right option.
  • Accessories. Don’t forget you’ll need somewhere to hold your soap dispenser, store the spare toilet roll, and hang your towels. Plan their positions carefully as these can encroach on your furniture and space. A heated towel rail is definitely recommended for winter!
  • Doorways. How you enter your bathroom will affect your furniture positioning, and also remember this when considering a shower with a hinged door.
  • The door swings no ways! In a smaller space a shower door can take up a lot of the room. Consider a sliding door or a walk-in shower instead.
  • Privacy. It sounds obvious, but your bathroom may be used by many people. Do you need separate areas or frosted glass to allow for those busy mornings and multi-usage?
  • Corner space. This is perfect for storing things in otherwise ‘dead’ space. Often this will save extra storage in a more usable area of the bathroom.
  • Forward thinking. Family planning for new or old family members arriving is important – even just if you have people to stay often. The bathroom needs to accommodate you all, so don’t just plan your bathroom around just the everyday users.
  • Take time to reflect. A mirror is not only essential in a bathroom but can also give the illusion of space. We stock a range of stylish heated mirrors to save those foggy moments after a long soak too!
  • Functionality. The functionality of your bathroom is paramount to its future success. Don’t choose style over ease of use. The everyday functionality will be a defining factor in the future and long-lasting success of your bathroom. Choose wisely and consider all your options and uses.

Of course these are just a few of the decisions you’ll need to make, but luckily we have been helping our customers make these and more for over four decades.

When it comes to designing bathrooms we like to think we’re one of the best. We use quality and style over cheap and cheerful every time, and we can even show you how it will all look with our CAD design service.

Call us now or visit our showroom to make your dream bathroom into a reality. If you haven’t quite got your dream bathroom in mind yet, don’t worry – our displays and ideas will help you create the perfect dream.