How to Clean Shower Doors with Hard Water Stains

There’s nothing like the sparkle of a clean bathroom to make you feel good, right? The shining taps and gleaming basin all looking like new. But one area of your bathroom can be really tricky to clean and keep clean.


Yes, that once-beautiful glass shower door does a lot for your bathroom’s look and feel and keeps the space from looking too cramped… but it’s a real killer when the hard water attacks.


How do you avoid horrible white streaks down your shower door? Will you ever be able to completely clean them off? And how to you stop them from appearing in the first place?

How to Clean Shower Doors with Hard Water Stains




Is it better than cure? You bet. You can actually avoid those horrible white marks on your glass with a bit of maintenance. Simply wiping your glass door after your shower with a squeegee works wonders.


Don’t trust your family to do the same?


You could invest in a shower spray and treat your glass regularly to help the water glide off the glass. Shower mist sprays are very popular these days. We’ve been recommended this version from Lakeland.  

…. But, be careful. Many shower glass doors now come with their own coating to protect the glass from dirt.

This clear coating won’t stop the glass from getting dirty (everyday maintenance is best), so even a dirty glass door may have a coating applied. Be careful that you don’t clean off the coating, so check with your glass door supplier. Abrasive cleaners can and do destroy the manufacturer’s clear coating. Trying warm soapy water first would be our recommendation.


Cleaning your shower door


Too late for prevention? No problem, all is not lost. You can still get your glass back to new with some great cleaning products on the market… but you might already have the perfect ingredients in your kitchen already.


Warming up a cup of vinegar and some dawn (a not-so-well-known soap) in the microwave gives you a great cleaning product for fighting grime.


Another natural way to fight the scum is to use white vinegar. White vinegar in warm water makes a great glass cleaner and when you buff it up after with newspaper you get a streak-free finish.


Using a microfiber cloth is recommended by many cleaning experts including Debra Johson. A microfiber cloth can do wonders for your glass and is great for reaching hard-to-reach places too.


Baking soda and water. Yes, that old wives tale is true. Mixing some baking soda with water (use more soda the worse the lime scale and spotting is) can really clean up your glass to a spotlessly clean appearance. And it’s all natural, too.




Of course there may be a bigger problem here than just not cleaning your shower door as often as you need to. Some areas of the country have a very hard water and the problem will continue to haunt you unless you move house!


But it doesn’t have to be that drastic. You could install a water softener to your system to ease the hardness of your water and eradicate the problem almost completely. Although not the cheapest option here, it will save you hours of cleaning and in the long run could be worth the investment.



Keep your glass gleaming for that showroom look.


There’s nothing better than a gleaming bathroom so try to keep the scum and lime scale at bay as best you can. There are many products on the market but you might just have the very ingredients in your home already.


Keep that glass cleaned regularly and try to train your household to do the same and you’ll be half way to a constantly shiny bathroom!