Using Shower Panels Instead of Tiles

Villeroy & Boch large basin with vanity unit, free standing bath.

At Alan Heath and Sons we’re very particular about the final finish of your bathroom. The stunning look and functionality of our bathrooms are why people love them so much. The impact of great bathroom design and stylish fittings are what your guests will see, and that’s why the wow factor is important to us too.

When you consider that the largest area your new bathroom won’t actually be the basin, the units, the mirrors or the amazing accessories but actually the walls; you can see why paying attention to the walls is important.

Tiling is a popular solution and striking tiles or beautiful contemporary design can really give a bathroom that wow factor. We’ve recently blogged about tiling, but what’s the alternative?

Using Shower Panels Instead of Tiles

Mermaid shower and wall panels


There is another option. Mermaid panels can create a visually striking feature of your bathroom and we have a large array of options available. Many people are surprised to hear that you can have a wall panel in the place of tiles but the Mermaid panels are a real alternative to traditional tiles. Made of glass, acrylic, or even concrete, they’ll enliven the most standard of bathrooms.


Let’s look at what you get from Mermaid shower panels:

  • Cost: Firstly it’s a cost-effective option for your bathroom. That’s not to say that its cheaper than tiling initially but in the long run there is far less maintenance.   That’s not to say it looks cheap, but Mermaid panels don’t require a tiler to fit them so they take less time to fit and save you money.
  • No more mould: Mermaid panels don’t need grouting so you won’t have to worry about re-grouting or discolouring tile lines.
  • Say goodbye to cleaning (almost): Some of the Mermaid panels are now available with a brilliant anti-mould finish which actively fights the pesky mould that likes to live on tiles.
  • Watertight guarantee: Mermaid panels come with a 10-year guarantee so you can be assured of the same watertight qualities that you get with traditional tiles.


Mermaid bath and shower panels give you wow factor

Let’s be honest. Your bathroom isn’t all about great functionality and eco-design. A lot of your bathroom’s style comes down to how good it looks. We pride ourselves on offering both in one package and we like what Mermaid can offer your bathroom.

Mermaid have some incredible designs and they’re constantly adding more to the range. The whole idea of blending in isn’t really something that comes to mind when we think about Mermaid panels. It’s more about making a statement in your bathroom! Add a focal point in your shower or around your bath that entices the eyes to look on.

There are a range of traditional colours and designs but we really like the creative designs in their range. Mermaid panels are best used to pick out a feature (like a shower enclosure) in a bathroom. It really makes it stand out and adds a new dimension to the room.

On their website you can browse by colour and we’re not talking just your standard designs here. Looking to add blue to a white bathroom, a vivid red to a modern shower enclosure or even a design seen only on wallpaper? No problem. Because of the no grout capabilities of Mermaid panels, the design is sleek and unspoilt by fitting requirements. You get a powerful addition to your bathroom which is uninterrupted by lines.

The options are limitless and we really enjoying adding them to a new design because we’re not limited to our imagination. Mermaid has almost everything you could think of and some things you wouldn’t have. We’re not sure why you’d want snow in your bathroom for example – but you can have it!

Mermaid even have a range of complimentary vanity panels to complete the look.

Mermaid panels are a real alternative to tiling your bath or shower enclosure and with a range of materials including glass, acrylic and a more traditional look you can’t go wrong. To find out more about which panels would be a perfect match for your bathroom, talk to us on 024 7669 1469 or pop into the Alan Heath and Sons bathroom showroom in Coventry.