Accidents in your Bathroom Will Happen. Make Sure You Have a Kaldewei When They Do…

Kaldewei is one of the leading experts in the design and manufacture of steel baths

There’s nothing more pleasing than a brand new bathroom. The shine, the sharp white lines around the tiles, and the gleam from the freshly plumbed in taps. But your bathroom is a place with a lot of traffic and that can mean that sometimes accidents happen! 

We sell a range of steel enamelled baths which we have found to be astonishingly good at repelling all sorts of accidents. Kaldewei design and supply the most robust enamel steel products on the market. They say they’re incomparable to any other product, and after some recent training we have to agree. 

Baths do risk being damaged when you think about it. From tea lights during a relaxing bath, to dropping an electric razor on the edge, a bath can become accidentally damaged by a variety of situations. 

Kaldwei has designed a bath so strong that a tea light is no match for it. They were so certain about this that they actually had a BBQ in one! 

kaldewei bath used for BBQ


As you can see, the stains polished right out! Incredible, isn’t it?

They’re also resistant to chemicals, so when we had some recent training we asked them to proves this.

Not only did they scratch our display bath with wire wool, but they added some nail varnish and then set fire to it! Eek!

Wire wool damage on a Kaldwei enamelled steel bath

As you can you, the bath was perfect after a wipe down! 


Nail varnish set on fire on a Kaldwei enamelled bath


And then the representative simply polished the damage right out with acetone! 



Kaldewei really are built for the real world and then some. The enamel is stronger than steel and can withstand even the toughest of bathroom environments and help you top avoid permanent damage to your bath.

For more information on how we can get this seriously robust and beautiful bath in your home, just pop into our bathroom showroom or give us a call today.

Of course… they can’t protect you from everything, as Kaldewei pointed out to us with this throwback to 90’s advertising!