5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas for All Types of Bathrooms

Bathroom design involves so many elements of your bathroom. From the obvious starting point of the bathroom suite, right down to the signature colour for the towels and toothbrush holder.


The design should flow through the entire room and give it a connected feel. This helps your bathroom feel purposeful and not accidental.


If you’re investing time and money into your dream bathroom, one area you simply can’t ignore is the lighting. Good (or bad) lighting can make or break a bathroom.


Most bathrooms are used first thing in the morning and in the evening. Because of this, bathroom lights are critical. Bathroom lights need to support different activities and moods. Lighting for your wake-up shower in the morning should be different from when you relax in the bath.


Get it right and you have a crisp, modern, and stylish bathroom. Get it wrong and you’ll have a bathroom that’s too dark, too bright, or not in keeping with the surroundings of your bathing area.


5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas for All Types of Bathrooms


  1. Modern bathrooms – it’s all in the design

With a modern bathroom you need to make sure that the lighting follows on from the sharp, advanced style of your bathroom suite or design.


You can make a big deal of the lighting in a modern bathroom if you like. You can go grand with crystal chandeliers or ornate lighting that shows off your modern bathroom.


With a simple LED lighting though you can create a flush finish that doesn’t make too much impact but does light your bathroom and show off all the lines in bright, sharp lighting. Adding a dimmer switch gives you the option to change the mood too. Especially useful when you want a relaxing soak in the tub.


  1. Family Bathrooms

When your bathroom has many functions then so does your lighting. A family bathroom is a busy one and if you have young children or pets frequenting the busiest room in the house then you’ll need good lighting to show you where all those mucky areas are.


Just like with any modern bathroom, if you select a dimmable LED then you’ll be able to change the mood when the chaos of family life leaves you for one night a blue moon! Dim the lights and enjoy your bathroom before they come back!


  1. En Suite Bathrooms

En suites tend to be smaller than your average bathroom and many are without natural light too. Make sure you have very good lighting in your en suite to ensure it doesn’t feel small and cramped. You could consider using more than one kind of lamp. For example, you can have your main light as well as task lighting over the mirror. If you’re going to use your en suite for putting on make-up, you’re going to need a light above your mirror. You don’t have to resort to a boring mirror/light combo – there are some space efficient but lovely ways to light a mirror. Ask if you need advice.


Good bright lighting here can give you the feeling of more space and even going for some recessed lighting can really help here. Standard light switches will always be positioned outside the door, although pull chords can be used if you want the light to turn on from inside the bathroom.


  1. Classic Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to classic bathrooms you have to be conscious of the room you’re working in. A modern bathroom will have clean lines and sharp design. However a more classic bathroom design very often doesn’t and using modern, bright lighting can really ruin the mood.


That’s not to say that your classic bathroom needs to be dark and dingy but be cautious to be sympathetic to your surroundings. Something classical and warmer in light than your go-to LED may work well here. Natural light is your best asset so if possible, use your window with blinds that open fully.


  1. Illuminate Yourself!

Mirrors help your bathroom feel larger. They also help us to see ourselves in the morning (which can be good and bad!) so having good light here is essential.


Mirror lights give your bathroom a very simple luxury feel. Good lighting is hard to find and even with your LED ceiling lights you may find you don’t have the best light in the one place you need it.


Illuminate your face and make sure you’re looking your best. You don’t have to go full on back stage make-up room lighting but it can be a lot of fun playing with this idea.


Good lighting – it’s a bright idea!

Spend time making your bathroom lighting work for you and your room. You’ll need good lighting in your bathroom but there will be times when you might not want Blackpool Illuminations. Pay attention to every use of your bathroom and what best suits you and your family and visitors.


Of course, if you need any help with your light bulb moment just give us a call or pop into our Coventry bathroom showroom