Does Prioritising Price Over Quality and Service During A Bathroom Refurb Cost More in the Long Term?

Does Prioritising Price Over Quality and Service Cost More in the Long Term

It’s understandable why, especially currently, people are keen to find a bargain when redoing their bathroom.  A bathroom refurb is going to involve spending a chunk of cash irrespective of your budget. So, it makes sense that people want their money to go as far as possible. However, if you make decisions based purely on the upfront cost, you might end up paying more in the long term. Let’s find out why…

Buy cheaply, pay dearly: it’s a cliché for a reason

We recently had a conversation with a customer that we’ve had many times over the last 35 years.

Us: How did you find us?

Customer: We used you before then tried someone else. We weren’t happy with their work, so we came back to you.

While we love to hear that our customers think so highly of us, we don’t like to hear that they’ve had such bad experiences elsewhere – especially when we know that they wouldn’t feel that way if they’d continued to use us! But, as we say, it’s a theme we’ve seen numerous times over the years.

A customer comes to us for their bathroom even though we won’t be the cheapest option. They’ll typically be very happy with our work. They’ll tell us how pleased they are with our work, how well the team works together, how any problems were dealt with, and how easy we made the project look.

So, while we aren’t the cheapest bathroom company around, we offer enormous value for money. It’s high-quality goods combined with high-quality service that’s worth the cost when you have a beautiful, well-fitted bathroom. And it’s all without the hassle we all dread when it comes to DIY!

Something to consider – a great way to cut costs that doesn’t involve compromising on quality is sourcing ex-display items. They’ll be in great condition but also have a more purse-pleasing price tag.

A customer compared us to an orchestra

We were confused at first. You probably are right now so we’ll explain it how they explained it to us.

“There are lots of good musicians. Even if they can play their instrument well, it doesn’t mean they can play well together with other musicians in, e.g., an orchestra. An orchestra is full of talented musicians who can all play instruments well together. Your fitters worked together well, hence comparing you to an orchestra. Just because you can find a good plumber, plasterer, carpenter, electrician, and tiler doesn’t mean you will get a lovely bathroom.”

Once we understood, we were really touched by the compliment. Is it possible to get a better customer review than this? We don’t think so! It was music to our ears.

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