Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

When we’re renovating our homes or planning on moving house, ensuite bathrooms remain one of the main requirements we look for. So, it’s no surprise that this is one of the rooms our designers are most asked about during consultations. Here are some of the most common elements we see in ensuite bathrooms.


Getting the lighting right 

The lighting in your bathroom is a key consideration. Directional lights and feature lighting can highlight specific areas, draw attention away from others, and make a room feel larger and more spacious. Even the colour of the bulb adds to the overall feel of a room.

Downlights always prove a popular option and can spread light to every corner. Don’t discount the idea of a singular surface light though. The right model can provide plenty of lighting to cover the room and will cost less in lightbulbs. Your electric bill may be lower too, particularly if your family is inclined to leave the lights on all day and night.   

LED lighting is now considered to be the norm due to the energy savings you’ll make, and there are plenty of LED lights to choose from. Another consideration is whether to have your light switch separately to your fan, or for both to come on at the same time. This can be down to regulatory guidance in some cases, so it’s worth checking with our specialists.


Beautiful walls add colour and style 

The current trend with bathroom tiles is to opt for a larger rectangular tile, laid in landscape. Larger tiles do cut down on the grout lines which may discolour over time. If you have a larger ensuite, you might choose a feature tile, possibly running vertically, as well. Feature walls remain popular, with one area covered in an eye-catching design, and plainer tiles on the other walls.

A lesser known option is to have your bathroom walls boarded. Quality boarding will cost more than tiles, but you do have a lot of choice of patterns. You also benefit from having no grout lines with wall boarding, which means your walls look fresh longer and are easier to clean. You could choose to just have one area boarded rather than the entire room.  We find the most popular way the wall boarding is used in the showering area only with the rest of the walls tiled outside.


What does the designer consider?

When you’re designing your own bathroom you’ll look at the fixtures, fittings and colour scheme, but have you considered flow? It’s one of the first things our specialist designer team will help you with. A room that is easier to move around will feel more spacious. And, when there are no awkward corners and hard to reach handles, you’ll enjoy your ensuite more.

Overall, the key to designing a beautiful ensuite bathroom is simplicity. Remove unnecessary frills and clutter, and you will have a calming, peaceful space that feels classy and practical too.

If you’re not sure where to start with your bathroom design, take a look through our previous blog posts for ideas, and then visit our Coventry showroom. It’s always worth having a good look at the options before you finalise your ideas.